WLI Ambassador Program
The Ambassador Program seeks to welcome all new members and engage existing members looking to increase their involvement in ULI by matching new(ish) members with an experienced member to show them the ropes.
1. ULI will match new(ish) members with an Ambassador.
2. Ambassador’s will meet new(ish) members to explain the inner workings of ULI, how to can get involved and the different ULI Austin programs and activities you might be interested in. (The Ambassador and the new Member are each expected to pay for themselves.)
3. Then, the Ambassador and the new(ish) member will attend an upcoming ULI event so that you can start building your own ULI network in Central Texas.
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Please list the best times and part of Austin (Central Texas) for you to meet.
(i.e. A meeting in the morning near the Arboretum is ideal. *OR* I'd like to meet downtown for lunch.
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