Grass Identification Workshops
Register here by 5 pm on Friday, 18th October 2019 to apply for Dr Graeme Lorimer's pair of workshops on grass identification, presented by Biosphere Pty Ltd. As long as your application meets the due date, it won't matter when you apply.

For course details, go to

Course Application Form
Places in the course are limited. If too many applications are received, a random ballot will be used to allocate positions. The outcome of your application will be notified by 18th October 2019. If you miss out, will go on a waiting list.

The course fee is $250+GST = $275, or $200 with proof of Austudy. The fee includes course notes and identification keys. No payment is required until you receive an offer of a place in the course, then pay by direct credit or cheque.

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Ballot place combination
If your name goes into a random ballot and you wish it to be combined with one or more friends/workmates, please nominate them here. This ensures that none or all of you get a place. This does not affect the likelihood of getting a place.
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