6th Grade KP 2015 Open House Feedback
This survey is for families of students at King Philip Middle School. We would like your feedback on our Open House held on September 21, 2015. We value your input on what has been successful and what can be improved.

Many thanks for your support and feedback.

Your Partners in Education,

Joy K. Wright, Lead Learner/Principal Justin Gusy, Assistant Principal and Marc Kotler, Assistant Principal

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Did you attend Open House on September 21, 2015 *
If you did not attend Open House, why not?
If child care was an issue, would you attend if child care were available at KP?
Which of the following indicates your feelings about the time of Open House? *
The open house was scheduled from 6:30-8:10pm
If you were not satisfied with the time, which open house time would you most prefer?
How did you feel about the length of this year's open house? *
The length for this year's Open House was...
This year, we added a pre-Open House event called the KP Showcase which higlighted our extracurricular ativities and provided an opportunity for you to meet our Department Supervisors. *
I found the KP Showcase...
If you responded with uninformative about what exists after school and the middle school curriculum, please identify what would have made it more informative.
How beneficial was your experience of this year's open house? *
This year's Open House ...
If you responded with was less than expected and did not meet my expectations, please identify what would have made it beneficial.
The amount of time allotted to meet with the teachers was sufficient. *
Was it difficult to find your way around the school? *
Did you like like this year's format for individual class presentations? *
Please tell us why you selected yes or no.
This year, we added a whole Unified Arts team presentation, did you find this informative? *
Please tell us why you selected yes or no.
As we prepare for next year's Open House, which format do you prefer when meeting your child's teachers? *
Please provide any additional feedback in regards to Open House and/or comments or suggestions you have for future Open House events.
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