Community Survey- Watershed Restoration
Your input is valuable! RiverLink is creating a watershed restoration plan and we need your input. Below is a short survey to get information on the watershed outlined in red below. The watershed includes downtown Asheville, East-End Valley St., West Asheville-Clingman Avenue, Erskine-Walton, Livingston Heights, Lee-Walker Heights, S. French Broad and Southside neighborhoods, along with the River Arts District.
A watershed is a land area where all of the water that reaches the ground flows to the same location. We all live in a watershed!
Which statement(s) below best describes your relationship to the watershed? Select all that apply. *
How often are you in the watershed? *
Do you, your children, or your pets ever have physical contact with the waters of Town Branch (aka Nasty Branch) or Bacoate Branch? *
Are you aware of water quality issues in the streams of this watershed (Town Branch, Bacoate Branch, or the unnamed stream near A-B Tech)? *
List any water quality issues that you are aware of in the watershed:
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Are you concerned about street flooding in the watershed? *
How important do you believe it is to improve water quality in the watershed? *
In improving water quality and reducing flooding, is it important to focus on creating local jobs? *
Are you concerned that improving water quality and/or reducing street flooding could contribute to gentrification? *
Who do you think should lead efforts to improve water quality in the watershed? Select one. *
Are you interested in finding out how you can help improve water quality and reduce flooding in your neighborhood or on your property? *
If yes, please give your contact information below
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Other comments or concerns about the watershed
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