Heart of Glass, 2021
Thank you for ordering a piece from Heart of Glass, an ink bottle collaboration by Julia Norton and Goldie Poblador for Valentine's Day.

Available in two editions of 10, one amber* and one pink, each Heart of Glass ink bottle is made to order and is one-of-a-kind due to the nuance of its handmade quality.

Bottles are $123.53 / ₱5,950 each, with tax and shipping calculated upon checkout. Orders shipping to the Philippines are fixed at ₱7,950 inclusive of tax and shipping.

Each order comes with:
one Heart of Glass bottle
30 ml Heart of Glass ink
two cloves
an instruction sheet


Heart of Glass - an ink by natural color material artist Julia Norton and a bottle by glass artist Goldie Poblador - is an object presented in the spirit of Valentine's Day. The ink, made from rose, hibiscus, whole cloves, and rust, will change over time in hue and saturation. This is an ink for writing love letters or diary entries, and for painting anything the heart desires. Made from natural materials that are both plant and mineral - including minerals that also exist in the human body - the ink is an art material with a lifeforce all its own. The bottle, designed and fabricated by Poblador, comes in an amber edition and a clear pink edition. Both editions feature a pen handle sculpted using a Venetian stamp tool in a transparent ruby red glass. The use of this stamp as well as the bottle’s shape speak to the Venetian tradition of glass making, yet without perfect symmetry - appearing as amorphous and organic as the ink it contains.

* - Amber editions have sold out. Pink editions still available.
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Heart of Glass
Each bottle is $123.53 / ₱5,950
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