SMYOC Absence Report
The SMYOC attendance policy recognizes that school, sports, and family activities may sometimes conflict with SMYOC rehearsals and that many of our students juggle multiple important commitments. We also recognize that unexpected illnesses and emergencies can occur.

However, all absences take a toll on the collective progress and overall success of the group, and therefore we ask you to commit to the rehearsal schedule with a seriousness of purpose and deep sense of commitment to the group. Please go out of your way to avoid absences.

If absences do occur, SMYOC makes a distinction between Excused and Unexcused Absences.

For an absence to be Excused, the Conductor and/or Manager of the group must receive written notification by submitting your notice on the absence report online at least 24 hours prior to the rehearsal in question.

If you send a short-notice text or email, the absence may be considered Unexcused.

Also be aware that phone reception in some areas of Southern Maryland is exceptionally bad; last-minute texts, calls or emails may not be received.

In the event of a sudden absence (such as a family emergency or illness), please notify your Conductor, Manager and/or the Executive Director as soon as possible.

A student should accumulate no more than 3 Excused Absences in a concert season.
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