Acts 29 Application
This is the application to be a part of our Acts 29 Peer Ministry Leadership Team. Students must be entering grades 10-12 to apply.These forms are due no later than Sunday, August 27th. Our first mandatory meeting will be on Wednesday, August 30th at 6:30pm in the Youth Room. Please make arrangements to be there. Any questions? Contact Patrick at 952-212-3750.


What we expect from our Acts 29 peer ministers:
• Attendance at every Wednesday night
• Arriving no later than 6:00pm
• If you need to miss, you must contact Patrick or Nicole (depending on your ministry) and your co-leaders no later than the Monday before programming. No more than 3 Wednesdays throughout the year.
• Attendance at our annual Confirmation Retreat (March 9-11, 2018)
• Wear your purple Acts 29 shirt (or other St. Ed's apparel) every week.
• That you be patient with your students.
• That you listen twice as much as you speak in your small groups. In other words, ask more questions than you give answers. Remember: it’s about them.
• That you refrain from swearing or using inappropriate language.
• That you conduct yourselves in a manner that represents the Church of St. Edward and it’s values both at church and in the community.

What you will get from us:
• A community that cares for you as an individual and as a unique part of our team.
• New relationships that are grounded in faith.
• Good references and recommendations as needed for college or job applications. (… but we hope that’s not why you’re applying ☺ )

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What do you know about Acts 29? Tell us what you think the purpose of Acts 29 is. *
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Why do you want to be an Acts 29 Peer Minister? *
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What do you hope your small groups take away from your time with them as a Peer Minister? How do you hope they grow in their faith? *
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Describe your ideal Peer Minister. What would you like to have in a peer minister if you were a confirmation candidate? *
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How does the answer to the previous question impact the way you view yourself as a Peer Minister? In what ways does this “ideal peer minister” sound like you? In what ways do you need to grow? *
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Take the Meyers-Briggs personality type inventory. In a different tab, go to and take the survey. Get your results and click “begin reading” to learn more about your specific personality type. What is your personality type? *
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Do these results surprise you? What did you learn about yourself from seeing these results? *
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What gifts do you have to offer as a Peer Minister? *
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In 50 words or less, explain to us why you should be selected as an Acts 29 peer minister. *
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