Virginia Master Naturalist Volunteer Educators Bureau
Who Should Complete This Form:
This form gathers information from current VMN volunteers who are interested and willing to teach others and lead educational programs on natural resource topics. If you are not willing or able to lead educational programs or teach others, there is no need for you to complete the form. If you are not a currently enrolled VMN volunteer, please do not complete the form.

Purpose of This Form:
By completing this form, you are helping us make better connections between groups seeking presenters and VMN volunteers who are willing and able to present. We hope that this Educators Bureau will help increase VMN engagement in Education & Outreach, help our program reach new audiences, and help us respond better to requests for presenters.

By completing this form, you are not committing to fill any specific request for a presenter. You are indicating your general willingness to be an educator and to have your information shared with groups looking for VMN educators.

How Your Information Will Be Used:
Information from this form will be shared internally with VMN chapters seeking other VMN volunteers to provide basic training or continuing education programs. In addition, your information may be shared with outside groups seeking a presenter if your location, expertise, and preferred audience matches their need. By completing this form, you are indicating that you are willing to have your information shared with other VMN volunteers and with outside groups that contact the VMN state office or your chapter requesting a presenter. The data will not be publicly posted; it will be posted in Better Impact for chapters to use and shared with outside organizations upon request.

Your email address will be the primary contact info that we will share with other organizations seeking presenters and is the main way we will communicate with you about your Educators Bureau listing.

How To Update Your Information:
A copy of your responses will be sent to your email address. That email will include a link that you can click to edit your responses. If you save that link, you can update your responses at any time. Otherwise, at least once annually, we will ask everyone to update their listing and can provide a new link to do that.
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Email *
Your Name *
Your VMN Chapter *
Please indicate the primary VMN chapter in which you are enrolled.
County or Independent City of Residence *
Please choose the county or independent city in Virginia where you reside. If you do not live in Virginia, choose "Other" at the bottom of the list and indicate where you live in the next question.
If you do not live in Virginia, please enter your city and state here.
Phone Number (xxx-xxx-xxxx)
Your phone number will be a secondary way for organizations interested in having you as a presenter to contact you. This field is optional.
Kinds of Education You Can Provide *
What kind of educational program can you lead or present? Check all that apply. If there is a type of education you can provide that is not listed, choose "Other" and describe what it is.
Formats You Are Willing to Teach In *
In what formats are you willing to present? Check all that apply. If there is a format you can teach in that is not listed, choose "Other" and describe what it is.
Audiences *
What audiences are you willing to teach? Check all that apply. If there is an audience you can teach that is not listed, check "Other" and describe what it is.
Engaging Diverse Audiences
Describe any particular skills or abilities you have for engaging diverse audiences. For example, "I have experience leading nature programs for people with disabilities."
If you can communicate in a language other than English well enough to teach a program, please list that here.
Topics You Can Teach *
Please describe the topics you feel comfortable teaching. Be as general or specific as you like. For example, "identifying invasive plants", "bird songs", "protecting our local streams", etc.
Anything else?
Is there anything else you want others to know about you, what you can present, and the kind of teaching, presenting, or interpretive programming you would like to do as a VMN volunteer?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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