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FEMEA is creating teams of teachers who would enjoy sharing tips, tricks, lessons, resources and experiences with their colleagues through one of 3 shared blogs. Each Contributor would only be responsible for 1 post per nine weeks on a topic they are drawn to the most. The teams will create blog posts that are updated every two weeks or so throughout the academic year.

Please fill out the form below to apply to become a FEMEA blogger. If you have members you would like to team up with, please reach out and encourage them to join you. If you have a different theme you are interested in add the theme as other and add it to your description.
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Please give us a brief description of why you are interested in writing for your top pick of our FEMEA blogs. What experience do you have that you would like to share through our blog platform? What best practices, thoughts, and ideas can you bring to this particular blog? *
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