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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Native Plant Trust as a member of the Plant Conservation Volunteer (PCV) program. Please fill out the following application form to be considered for the PCV Program.

**Applications submitted will be considered for the 2021 field season.**
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We welcome amateurs and those learning plant ID! However, we are unable to teach the basics at this time and ask that you have some (even if a little) plant ID skills (ex: going out with a wildflower guide and looking at plants). This volunteer position will be much more fulfilling with some plant ID skills, and we would recommend that if you do not have any seek out opportunities to learn before applying to this program. You can gain ID skills by taking courses with the Native Plant Trust, and then apply for a PCV position.
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Check all that apply. We generally assign new volunteers to their state of residence, but can offer surveys in other states as well.
How far are you able to travel for PCV work? A lot of plants we monitor are often far from the major population centers, so we ask that you are willing to travel for surveys.
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What is your time availability? *
We will be requiring volunteers to complete one survey a year minimum. Please be as specific and realistic as you can. This can be a set number of days per month or season, or just a maximum you think you can contribute. Also, it's helpful to know if you are available weekdays, weekends, or both.
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