PCE Pool Monitor Application Form
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You must reapply each pool season to be a Pool Monitor. Please remember to return your lanyard if you do not intend to reapply the following season.
PCE Pool Monitor Guidelines
1. Your #1 job as a pool monitor is to make sure the rules are being followed by everyone. You are allowed to approach anyone and enforce the rules if you can do so peacefully. If you encounter any resistance or if you are not comfortable handling the situation yourself, then your responsibility is simply to alert the board that there is an issue. If a board member is available we will come deal with the issue. If not, we will have a date/time that we know we need to review on the security camera footage.

2. Your lanyard is meant to be a visual deterrent to make anyone think twice before they try getting away with anything they know they shouldn’t be doing. They are also meant to allow pool monitors to easily identify one another. Please wear your lanyard or display it prominently whenever you are at the pool. We want people to know that every time they see someone with a lanyard, it means the rules will be enforced.

3. You must report any issues you have dealt with in the Pool Monitor FB Group. This FB Group is a limited-invitation only group which can only be joined by request from an admin and all content can only be viewed by the members. We can use it to track if there are patterns in the times of day situations are happening and a way to keep track of the types of issues that are most commonly being dealt with. Photographs of property damage may be taken and shared in this group. Taking and posting photographs of persons is prohibited. We have 24 hour surveillance available at the pool for use in identifying individuals if necessary. This is a safe place for pool monitors and the board to get to know one another, discuss issues, and ask questions with the common goal to make the pool a safe and enjoyable place for all our residents.

4. Please familiarize yourself with the pool rules. The rules can be found for reference posted on the fence all around the pool and on the PCE Website.

5. In case of any emergency, you will always call 911 first, and as soon as you are able you will contact the board to alert them of the situation.

6. Once you have filled out the attached application form and have been approved by the board to be a pool monitor, you will receive your lanyard. The lanyard includes a holder for an ID badge which you will be issued by the board (this will have your photo, first name, and pool monitor info on it). The IDs are simply meant to make it harder for just anyone to wear a red lanyard and claim to be a pool monitor.

7. By signing the application form, you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to abide by these guidelines. You agree to represent the Association in a friendly, safe, and professional manner while fulfilling your pool monitor duties and not enter into any arguments or altercations regarding pool issues. You agree to return your lanyard and ID badge if at any point you cease to be a pool monitor.

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