ProCon 2018
ProCon is an online programming contest that is organised by IIIT-Delhi's programming club - Foobar, as a part of the institute's technical fest Esya. The contestants will be provided with some algorithmic problems similar to those seen on various online competitive programming platforms. They can solve these problems using one of the allowed programming languages, within the given window of time. This year ProCon is being hosted on the CodeChef Platform.

Contest Date: 14th August 2018
Contest Time: 9:05 PM GMT +5:30
Duration: 2 hours
Total Cash Prize of Rs. 6000 and Codechef Laddus for top Indian Teams

1. It is an individual contest.
2. Contest will be open to everyone on the CodeChef platform. If you are new to CodeChef, register here -
3. ACM-ICPC style ranklist -
4. You must not discuss problem strategy, suggestions or tips with anybody during the contest.
5. You are allowed to use any books, personal notes or code written beforehand by you. It is allowed to use any sources of information on the Internet. But it is forbidden to copy-paste somebody else's code.
6. The organisers of the contest have the right to disqualify a contestant if violations are found.Facebook Event Link-

Esya'18 official page :

For any questions/corrections, contact
Siddharth Dhawan | +91 9899008719 |
Lavina Jain | +91 8826014801 |
Arpan Mukherjee | +91 7980959392 |

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