Theatrical Technical Requirements
If you are not the main technical contact, that is not an issue you can still fill this form in on behalf of your organisation but, any technical queries that we (LBH) have regarding your submission of this form will be sent to you for you to then ask the appropriate person within your organisation.

You will get an automated email from this form with the information you submitted so please ensure this is a valid email address.

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Privacy Policy Summary
The basic personal information collected on this form for the London Borough of Hillingdon will not be sold or rented to other organisations.

The personal information that will be held by the London Borough of Hillingdon will be used for the following specific uses:
• To administer your booking you have with Hillingdon Theatres
• To allow Hillingdon Theatres to contact you regarding your booking

We will collect the following personal information on this form:
• Email Address
• First name & Last name
• Phone number

If we require to use the data for any purpose outside of the London Borough of Hillingdon (e.g. Audience location profiling), then it will be anonymous. The personal data will not be shared in its entirety with third party organisations outside of The London Borough of Hillingdon without your explicit permission, unless it is necessary for prevention or detection of crime and allowed or required by law.

We will hold the data on this form for a maximum duration of 7 years for financial and accounting purposes.

If you would like to have your data removed from this form at an earlier date you can request this by email where we will confirm your request and then the data removal. We are unable to remove all data if you have an active booking with us or if your booking is less than two years old.

Full guidance on the London Borough of Hillingdon Data Protection policy can be found at:

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By consenting to this privacy notice you are giving us (the London Borough of Hillingdon) permission to process your personal data specifically for the purposes identified above.
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IMPORTANT: If you DO NOT wish to be contacted regarding the technical requirements of your booking, please ask someone else in your organisation to complete this form, as we cannot proceed without your personal consent to OPT-IN.
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