Oregon Beer Awards Fresh Hop Competition 2016: Judging RSVP
Thanks for your willingness to judge the inaugural Fresh Hop Competition as part of the Oregon Beer Awards. We feel it imperative to judge a category of this increasingly popular style IN season, and have selected you for our panel of 12 judges. Judging will happen AT the Hood River Hops Fest in Hood River, Oregon, on Saturday, September 24 in the afternoon.

Please note:

1. Judging will happen in rounds taking about 4 hours total, plus a brief introduction at the start.
2. We will send more specific details as September 24 approaches.
3. We're working on accommodation options/discounts for those coming from out of town. Stay tuned for more details.

Here is the official OBA "definition" of beers which will be entered into this category:

"For the purpose of this competition, fresh hops are defined as newly harvested hops that have not been conventionally kilned or dried. While the overall flavor of the beer will vary with the base style, fresh/green/wet/undried hop flavor and aroma should be forward. Undried hops often result in flavors described as green, chlorophyll-like, grassy or resinous. These flavors should be prominent; however, they should not dominate or come across as vegetal and harsh, and they should be in balance with other complex hop flavors/aromas, as well as yeast and malt character depending on the base style. An elevated polyphenol character is common in these beers due to the use of whole-cone hops, so a slight astringency is acceptable; however, the beer should not be harsh, nor should the polyphenol character take away from overall drinkability and harmoniousness. Brewers should note the base style when entering as well as any other pertinent information in order to paint a picture of the beer for the judges; brewers may also note the varietal of fresh hops used."

Deadline to RSVP for Fresh Hop Judging is Friday, August 26.
Please contact Ben Edmunds at ben@breakside.com with questions.
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