New Volunteer Application to Staff Matsuricon 2017
Thank you for choosing to sign up for Matsuricon staff! Please fill out our application form below.
Full Name
Your legal name please.
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Preferred Pronouns
Some names are gender neutral and some people would rather be the other. We hate to assume and end up mis-gendering someone. Let's save each other the embarrassment and pain of that mistake. (Don't worry, these questions are NOT public knowledge, just HR.)
This will be the main way we contact you. Please put down the email that you check most often.
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Date of Birth
Staff must be 16 or older. If you are younger than 16 and wish to staff, you must have a parent or legal guardian on staff with you.
Have you staffed Matsuricon before?
What department are you applying for?
What position are you applying for in the first choice department? (see website for openings)
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If we can't get you into your first department, what is your second choice?
What position are you applying for in the second choice department? (see website for openings)
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Why do you want to staff Matsuricon?
Tell us any reason here! We'd love to know why you want to join us! There's plenty of space here!
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Why are you applying for this position?
There's no wrong answer!
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Do you have any previous convention staffing experiences? Telling us "I've never staffed a convention before" is perfectly acceptable.
Please list the convention, year, position on staff, and supervisor if possible!
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Do you have any experience outside of conventions that would benefit the convention or department selected?
List jobs, other volunteer, etc work if you'd like. Optional.
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FOR SECURITY APPLICANTS ONLY: Please list any prior law enforcement or security experience.
Proof of law enforcement commission must be sent claimed. Email them to Certifications: Please list any relevant unexpired certifications or licensees (Nursing, etc).
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Do you have any current staff that you would like to use as reference?
You can list them below. Optional.
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Can the Head of the Department you are applying to contact you through Facebook?
If no, say "No." If yes, say "Yes" and tell us your Facebook name so they can find you (You are welcome to link straight to your page if that's easiest).
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I understand Matsuricon is an unpaid volunteer position requiring at minimum 24 hours of work at con.
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