Public Health Officials Survey
Note: The responses below may be posted on the American Opioid website and/or social media pages, in whole or in part. Due to limited slots, completing the form does not guarantee an audio interview. Questions may be directed to Jamal Khan at
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How does your role and the work you do pertain to the opioid crisis? *
In your opinion, what makes the opioid crisis different from previous epidemics? *
In your opinion, what is the biggest barrier or bottleneck preventing those who have Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) from receiving professional help? *
Was there anything you came across in the course of your work that changed your perspective on the crisis? If so, how? *
There are concerns that efforts to reduce opioid prescriptions may adversely affect patients who genuinely suffer from debilitating pain. What's the best way to strike a balance? *
How is the trajectory of the crisis in your state? Are things turning around, or are there still daunting challenges ahead? *
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