MPS Hotspot Application 21-22
Muskogee Public Schools (MPS) is providing hotspots serviced by Verizon. These hotspots rely on mobile broadband service from Verizon to provide 4G LTE. They are portable, so you can connect your device anywhere services are provided by Verizon such as your home, a bus, or the park. The purpose of the hotspots is to provide equitable services to our virtual and blended pathway students as well as bridge the homework gap. Allowing access to the internet for those students who do not have current in-home connectivity. The Verizon Hotspots come with a CIPA compliant filter that meets the legal filtering requirements for students. Verizon certifies with the FCC on an annual basis this filtering solution.
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Without this district provided hotspot and internet access, I would otherwise lack access to internet services sufficient to engage in remote learning off campus *
When a hotspot is checked out I agree to the following terms. *
What is the name of your oldest student in MPS schools *
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All Verizon hotspots will be provided by parent application only. Please understand that the process could take up to two weeks to approve a hotspot. Muskogee Public Schools has a limited number of Verizon hotspots. Once we have checked out all our hotspots more will not be available until someone returns one.
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