Internship Application
Serenity Counseling Internship Program

Serenity Counseling Services of Virginia, a licensed, community-based mental health
provider, is seeking energetic, creative college students to participate in
an internship opportunity.

Interested individuals should have a background or interest in human services, public
relations, marketing, graphic design or education. Individuals should be knowledgeable
of computer skills and social media engagement. Interns will be required to meet at
least 1-2 times per week.

This is not a paid internship program; however, interns will receive supervision, guidance,
coaching and career support while engaged in work with the agency. Intern hours will
be documented weekly and acknowledged formally at the completion of the internship
program. The internship program will last for 3-6 months, depending on the individual intern situation.
All persons interested in this opportunity will need to complete and submit an Internship
Application. All applications will be reviewed by our Internship Advisory Committee and
a preliminary group of candidates will be selected. From the preliminary group of
persons selected, there will be a virtual interview process and the Internship Advisory
Committee will select up to 6 individuals to participate in this exciting internship opportunity per quarter.
For more information about the Internship Program, please contact us at 804-569-2100
or via email at
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