2019 Time, Talent & Treasure Form
The coming year is an exciting one for our church, full of change and challenges. When members and friends of UUCJ pledge their financial support and volunteer their time and skills for the upcoming year, our church can make realistic plans regarding programs, education, and operating expenses that allow us to pursue our vision.

As you decide your pledge for 2019, please consider what the Unitarian Universalist Church of Jackson means to you, your family, and your community. It will take all of us giving of our time, talent, and treasure to achieve the goals we have set as a congregation.

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Time Pledge
I pledge to volunteer my time to UUCJ in the following areas during 2019:
Welcoming Community
Exploring Our Beliefs
Living Our Values
Changing Our World
Talent Pledge
In addition, I would like to share these skills and talents:
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Treasure Pledge
PLEDGING LEVELS (see chart above for more information):

SUPPORTER (2 - 4% of income): This congregation is a significant part of my spiritual and intellectual life that I want to support.

SUSTAINER (3 - 6% of income): This congregation is my central community. I am committed to sustaining its programs and ministries.

VISIONARY (5 - 7% of income): My commitment is a clear demonstration of the unique importance of this congregation in my spiritual life.

TRANSFORMER (8 - 10% of income): I am deeply committed to this congregation. My giving fuels its continued growth and transformation.

I pledge to share the following amount with UUCJ in 2019:
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I will fullfill my pledge in equal amounts paid:
Supporter (2-4%)
Sustainer (3-6%)
Visionary (5-7%)
Transformer (8-10%)
My gift is at the following giving level:
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