Michigan AFL-CIO 2018 State Candidate Questionnaire
Dear Candidates,

Thank you for your interest in running for public office here in the great State of Michigan – and thank you for seeking the endorsement of the Michigan AFL-CIO.

There is so much at stake for working families in this year’s election, with races for Governor, U.S. Senate, Attorney General, Congress, Supreme Court, all 148 members of the Michigan Legislature, and local offices in every corner of Michigan on the ballot.

For far too long, the rules of our economy have been rigged by elected officials in Lansing and Washington to favor their wealthy corporate donors while regular working families struggle to get by. This needs to change. And that’s why we as a state labor federation are committed to electing candidates up and down the ballot this year who will have our backs and work to build a better Michigan for everyone.

Our vision for Michigan is pretty simple: we need to build an economy where all working people have the freedom to negotiate together for a fair return on their work – with good jobs, strong benefits, a secure retirement, and more time to be with family.

To make this vision a reality, the Michigan AFL-CIO has developed a detailed policy platform that was voted on and approved at our 2018 legislative convention. This platform outlines a set of key policy priorities that will help us to rewrite the rules in Lansing and Washington and build an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy. You can read a copy here: http://miaflcio.org/michigan-afl-cio-policy-platform/

Please take some time to carefully review the platform document before you complete this questionnaire, as it forms the basis for many of the questions we expect candidates to answer. Our hope is not just to win elections this year, but to help elect candidates who will help us turn these policy objectives into new state laws that will help all working people to build a better life for their families right here in Michigan.

In solidarity,

Ron Bieber

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