2018 National Penny Farthing Championships Registration Form
The 36th annual Evandale Village Fair and National Penny Farthing Championships will be held in the streets of our village on Saturday, February 24th, 2018.
We invite your participation - a visit to Evandale in February is a must for all veteran cycling enthusiasts.
You’ll have the opportunity to meet up with old friends, make new contacts from throughout the veteran cycling world, and completely indulge yourself in our shared passion for penny farthing bicycles.

ELIGIBILITY: The races are open to all penny farthing bicycle enthusiasts. Racing is the theme, with the emphasis on participation and enjoyment. We try to cater for all levels of riding ability.

BICYCLES: Only direct drive “penny farthing” bicycles are eligible. We will accept either original “ordinary” bicycles, or reproduction machines, providing they comply with the standards set down by the Velocipede Society of Tasmania:
• Modern materials are permitted, but bicycles should be typical in appearance of the penny farthings of the 19th century.
• Foot restraining devices are not permitted for safety reasons, even though they may be authentic.
• Solid rubber tyres only. These must be securely fitted.
• Handlebars must not drop past the level of the front rim and must have no forwards angle.
• Minimum weight of machine 12 kg.
• A minimum of 60 spokes in the front wheel.
• A minimum front wheel diameter of 44 inches.
• Any back brakes in place must be disabled.
• Bicycles ridden by children under the age of 12 years are exempted from these provisions.
• All riders must be able to mount and dismount their machine independently.

We rely on your appreciation of cycling history to keep any further modifications within the spirit of the event. The rider carries the responsibility of ensuring the suitability of the machine being ridden, and we reserve the right to reject any machine which we consider unsafe for competition.

INSURANCE: The Evandale Village Fair Assn. Inc. accepts no liability for your bicycle, either in transit or while in Evandale. Personal insurance is also your concern. We carry public liability insurance, but as event participants you are not covered. For our protection, a disclaimer form must be signed before you start in any races.

BICYCLE FREIGHT: If your bike is to be freighted, we will cover the cost to return it to your nearest capital city airport.
Bikes should be sent at least one week before the event, and consigned to the Evandale Village Fair Assn., Launceston Airport, as standby freight. We will transport bikes from the airport to Evandale. Please make sure that the bike is clearly labelled, and while we recommend that you remove pedals and (if possible) handlebars, you will find it can be handled better if it can be wheeled. Qantas Freight is our preferred carrier.
It may also be possible to consign your bike as passenger baggage with the airlines, providing it is suitably boxed.
International visitors should be able to consign bicycles as luggage direct to Launceston Airport, at no additional cost.

TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS: You are to make your own travel, bike freight and accommodation arrangements.
If coming by air, this should be to Launceston Airport, which is only five kms north of Evandale. Jetstar and
Virgin Blue run regular flights.
Travel to Tasmania by boat is also an option, with a daily overnight service from Melbourne to Devonport on the “Spirit of Tasmania”. (Bookings at www.tt-line.com.au). Your bicycle can travel with you at a minimal cost. Devonport to Evandale is 100 km – if not traveling with a car, there is a bus service to Launceston, we can organize collection from there.
An accommodation listing is enclosed for your information. Please contact me if you require assistance in this regard.

ENTRY FEE: A fee of $35 per household applies to all race participants.

CATERING: the following functions will be presented at a subsidized cost to all riders, partners and friends:
Friday: evening buffet meal at the Memorial Hall ($25)
Saturday: evening dinner, dancing and auction at the Memorial Hall ($25)
Sunday: picnic lunch at Clarendon ($10), evening barbeque at Falls Park ($15)
We need an indication now of numbers attending, and the names of any guests. Children under 16 are charged at half price.

PAYMENT: if not paid now, an invoice of the weekend’s costs will be provided before you leave. You may pay by cash, cheque or direct debit to our account .

COSTUME: Racing costume should be in keeping with the style of the 1880’s – plain nicks, preferably kneelength, and a plain top. Modern lycra gear is to be avoided, we are trying to recreate the aura of an era past.
Australian law requires that hard-shell helmets must be worn whenever a bicycle is ridden.
You should bring full dress costume for the parade, and an award will be presented to the best presented rider.

THE RACES: You may enter as many or as few as you want. Changes to the programme may be made according to the number of entries received – especially in the veterans, juniors and ladies categories. Medallions will be awarded to the first three placegetters in each event, and sashes for championship races. In some events, perpetual trophies will also be awarded. These are the property of the recipient for one year only.

ASSOCIATED EVENTS: You may wish to incorporate these into your travel plans –
The Century Ride – 100 miles (162 kms) or 100 kms on Saturday, February 17th. Route to be advised. Cost $10 per person. We provide basic provisions (water, bananas, bars, etc), other ride food is up to you.
The Clarendon Road Race – Sunday, February 25th. A race of 20 miles (32kms), on a new route this year - from Evandale, south via Nile, turn, and finish at Clarendon House. Cost included in entry fee.
A 10km ride from Evandale straight to the finish at Clarendon is also available.

If you have any further queries, please contact me directly at:
Phone +61 3 6391 8223, Email: info@evandalevillagefair.com

For more information, and details of past events, visit our web page: www.evandalevillagefair.com, or find us on facebook at Evandale Village Fair.

Looking forward to seeing you in Evandale in February!

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