Registration Form for Researcher Blind Date Project - Meet your potential collaborator!
To promote collaborative researches between TGSW visitors, Research Administrators at University of Tsukuba organize a poster exhibition in which presenters anonymously post their own research skills, research topics, and/or hurdles to overcome in three-questions format. Comments to these-poster posting can be posted by any viewers with the Post-it at any time during the TGSW period anonymously. When both a presenter and a commentator agreed on identifying themselves, an organizer will mediate them for a possible future collaboration.

Deadline for answer: 21th Sep. 2017. Limited to 80 people on first-come-first-served basis.


回答期限:9月21日(木)(先着 80名)

Researcher Blind Date Project - Meet your potential collaborator!
■Date: 25(Mon) - 27 (Web), Sep
■Time: 9:30 - 17:00
■Venue: Conference Room 404, Tsukuba International Congress Center
■For more details in

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Q1. Please describe your research topics on which you like to hear comments with up to 100 characters./ 他分野の研究者でも分かるようご自分の研究について簡単に説明してください(100文字以内)
My research is...
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Q2. Please describe your research goals, aims, hurdles, etc. on which you like to hear comments with up to 100 characters. / こんなコラボレーションができたら嬉しいという目標や希望、困っていること等を教えてください(100文字以内)
I am happy if I can collaborate with...
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Q3. Please describe your unique know-hows and skills that you can provide for other researchers with up to maximum 100 characters / 提供可能なスキル、ノウハウについて教えてください(100文字以内)
What I can provide is...
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