2023 HHFF Workshop Proposal
*Workshops are scheduled between 9am and 4pm on Friday, June 2nd & Saturday, June 3rd
*Workshop sessions will be between 2 to 6 hours, the length of each workshop will be set in advance by the instructor and will be dependent on the subject matter and product to be completed. It is expected that the workshop will be held for the length of time set forth in the proposal and agreed upon by the HHFF Workshop Committee.
*Day/Time of workshop will be set at a mutually convenient time for both HHFF and the instructor.
*Fees: Instructors will set the fee for the workshops.  
*The Fee of workshop should include all required supplies the instructor will be providing.
*A $10 HHFF Fee will be added to the amount that you would like for your workshop.
*HHFF will collect the total fee in advance of the workshop.  
*Instructors will be issued a check within 2 weeks after workshop completion.
*Workshops are offered for purchase by participants 3 months in advance.  We will also accept walk-in registrations, by agreement with the instructor, if spaces remain available.
*HHFF will advertise workshops online and in handouts prior to the festival.  We also recommend that you promote yourself via social media and other outlets.
*If you will be leading workshops at other festivals near to HHFF, we recommend that you make alterations to your proposal to offer something slightly different than what you will be offering at other festivals.  This will give you a better success in attracting new attendees as well as providing a higher likelihood of having repeat attendees to your workshops.
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Workshop Information
*Please provide a thorough description of what will occur during the workshop and any items that will be included in the workshop fee: such as those used during the workshop, any that the participant will keep after workshop, or if they will be available for purchase upon completion of the workshop.  
*If any question does not pertain to your workshop, enter "NONE"
*When setting the fee of your workshop, please consider the additional $10 HHFF fee that will be added to the total.  
*Workshop fee should be set per student.
If you have any questions about pricing we can advise.
Name of Workshop *
Detailed description of workshop: *
Workshop Fee Per Student (this includes the amount for the cost of materials and supplies you are providing): *
Items included in the workshop by the instructor (and covered by the workshop fee): *
Items the participant will need to provide: *
Participant prerequisites: *
Workshop needs: *
Will your workshop need to be held on: *
Total length of time for workshop (Select one, longer workshops will be broken up over 2 sessions in a single day or 2 days as fits your workshop's needs): *
Maximum Number of Participants: *
Minimum Number of Participants (we recommend 3 or less): *
Minimum Age of Participants: *
Please submit any additional info not covered in this form: *
The Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival Inc. 2023 Instructor Agreement:
     Conduct the workshop in accordance with the Workshop Proposal Application, including all agreed amendments, at the time and in the location specified by The Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival Inc. (HHFF).
     Provide all transportation, lodging and other costs associated with the workshop except as set forth in the Workshop Proposal Application, including all agreed amendments.
     Protect the workshop area and furniture from damage and/or negative impacts from their workshop.
     Bring all supplies/equipment required for their workshop.
     Provide the HHFF staff with contact information sufficient to enable staff to locate THE INSTRUCTOR in the event of necessity prior to and during the festival.
     Hold the HHFF, its members and volunteers harmless for any liability or damages resulting from actions or inaction of THE INSTRUCTOR.

THE HHFF agrees to:
     Provide the necessary space and facilities necessary for the workshop.
     Register all students and provide THE INSTRUCTOR with the number of students registered for the workshop in advance of the festival.
     Collect all fees for workshop.
     Pay THE INSTRUCTOR via check within 2 weeks of the completion of the workshop.

     To work together cooperatively and to make every reasonable effort to enable the workshop to occur and THE INSTRUCTOR to be paid.
     That time is of the essence in the performance of the workshop.
     To notify each other promptly of any desired changes to the Workshop Proposal.

Neither party will be liable for any delay or failure to perform its obligations due to any cause beyond its reasonable control including without limitation, acts of God or of the public enemy, including terrorists, fires, floods, or any other circumstances caused by natural occurrences or third party actions beyond the reasonable control and without the fault or negligence of the party whose performance is affected; provided further that the affected party provides the other party prompt notice of the applicable circumstance and uses all reasonable efforts to commence or re-commence performance as promptly as possible.  
In order to submit a proposal for the 2023 Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival you must have read the above terms.  By checking "I Agree" below you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions listed above.  

Upon submitting this proposal, please email quality photos of what you will be making in the workshop.  If your workshop is a technique or lecture based, samples of what you will be lecturing on or other promotional photos will need to be submitted so that we can use them in our online promotion.
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