YNPN Madison Board of Directors & Committee Application
Thank you for your interest in joining the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network Madison! Along with your application, it is suggested (but not required) that you forward your resume to ynpnmad@gmail.com for consideration. After submitting the application, one of our board members will contact you to schedule a short interview. Please fill out this questionnaire to the best of your ability prior to the interview, but know you will have a chance to edit the application before the final selection by the YNPN Madison Board of Directors.

YNPN Madison encourages applications from peoples of any race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and other identities. Find out more about YNPNs commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion here: http://www.ynpn.org/equity-diversity-inclusion

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Board Position Interest
Please visit the YNPN Madison website here: http://www.ynpnmadison.org/join_board for position descriptions for more information.
Are you interested in a Board or Committee position?
Which positions are you interested in holding, either immediately or in the future? (* positions require at least one year of YNPN board service)
What positions are you applying for now? (* positions require at least one year of YNPN board service)
What committee(s) would you be interested in serving on, either now or in the future?
Your Experience and Skills
Please list any experience you believe will be relevant to serving on the YNPN Madison Board of Directors. (Volunteer, paid work, board, religious, or community experience counts! Feel free to refer to positions on your resume or expand where appropriate.)
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Short Answer Questions
Please limit all answers to less than 600 words.
How did you first learn about YNPN Madison?
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How will serving on the YNPN Madison Board of Directors contribute to your personal professional development?
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Are there any special projects you would be interested in leading or undertaking through YNPN Madison?
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Based on what you know about YNPN Madison, what opportunities do you see for the organization?
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Do you have any skills that were not mentioned in this form that you think would be helpful in serving on the YNPN Madison Board?
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Is there anything else you would like the Board of Directors to consider when reviewing your candidacy?
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