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The African E&P Conference is the premier event for technical discussions and networking on exploration and geosciences in Africa, with a rigorous technical programme and bustling exhibition floor. Attendances in recent years reaching over 650; including operators, consultants, governments and academia. There is a large poster programme in addition to the oral programme of over 30 high quality talks covering E&P in all regions of Africa. The poster programme is held on the exhibition floor which in 2017 boasted over 60 exhibitors.

All exhibitors will have access to meeting rooms onsite but will need to book space in advance. More information on this in the exhibitor manual.
Please note there will be separate forms for independent consultants and International Pavilion stands.

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Booth Choices
All booths are Shell Scheme System, including walls, fascia board showing company name & booth number, booth cleaning and carpet.

4sqm all-inclusive - £1,600 + VAT
Electrical: 2 spot lights, 1 electrical socket. Furniture: 1 table, 2 chairs, 1 cupboard. One complimentary registration

8sqm all-inclusive - £2,500 + VAT
Electrical: 3 spot lights, 1 electrical socket. Furniture: 1 table, 3 chairs, 1 cupboard. Two complimentary registrations

Please enter at least one preference for booth number, and indicate if you want 4 or 8sqm. You may choose two adjacent 4sqm booths and request they become an 8sqm stand.
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You will receive a complimentary registration with your stand (one or two, depending on the size). If you would like to purchase additional registrations, you can get the best possible price by purchasing a pack together with your stand. Please indicate below how many additional registrations you would like. All delegates will also have access to the full technical programme.
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