Data Manipulation and Visualization in
Python - Expression of Interest - LTU Online - Fri Jul 03 2020

Python has deservedly become a popular language for scientific computing. It has all the friendly features and conveniences you'd expect of a modern programming language, and also a rich set of libraries for working with data. We teach using Jupyter notebooks, which allow program code, results, visualisations and documentation to be blended seamlessly.

Join us for this live coding workshop where we write programs that produce results, using the researcher-focused training modules from the highly regarded Software Carpentry Foundation (

Please note that places are limited.

EoI applications close on Fri Jun 26 2020 and applicants will be notified by Fri Jun 26 2020 whether their application has been successful.


- Advanced programming concepts and techniques in Python.
- Dataframes in Python using the Pandas library.
- Visualisation in Python using the Seaborn and the Matplotlib libraries.
- How to blend code, output and documentation with Jupyter notebooks

The detailed course outline can be fount at


All researchers and research students.

This is one of the workshops offered through the Digital Research training program which aims to develop researchers’ digital literacy skills. Further support and resources can be found on the Digital Research website (
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