Survey for student competition
We are a group of student entrepreneurs building technology to make adoption easier. We are taking a poll of women to see their views on pregnancy and adoption. This is an anonymous survey, no personal information is tracked. If a question is unclear, please ask for clarification.
What type of mobile phone do you have?
How many mobile apps have you downloaded onto your phone in the past month?
What 3 apps do you use the most on your mobile phone (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat)?
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If you heard about an app that sounded useful, why would you *not* download it? (e.g. limited data plan, download too slow, no wifi, takes up space on phone).
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what is your view of adoption?
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If you had an unplanned pregnancy (hypothetical), which would you choose?
If you have the opportunity to easily connect to adoptive families (with no strings attached), at the moment you are making the critical decision, would you be willing to reach out to them?
Pretend you are in this *fictional* situation: You have an unplanned pregnancy and you are definitely considering abortion. Through a mobile app, you find an adoptive family who has been waiting over a year to adopt a newborn. They are infertile. After chatting with them on the app, you find they are a very nice couple, and would adopt your child if you didn't choose to abort. You like them a lot, and you agree with their values. They would be a good family to raise a child. They are willing to help with your childbirth-related costs such as medical bills, rent, and food. They will also give you their deep gratitude. Would it change your decision to have an abortion?
If you had an unplanned pregnancy, would you use a mobile app to talk to background-checked adoptive families, with no strings attached? (These families would already be verified by an adoption social worker).
Why or why not?
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If you had an unplanned pregnancy (hypothetical), would you use a mobile app to talk to licensed pregnancy counselors to help you consider your various options?
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