Washington CAN! Ending Mass Incarceration Survey
We know thousands of Washington families struggle dealing with the impacts of mass incarceration. Washington CAN! and others are organizing to end the detrimental impacts of long term sentencing. Join us in demanding an end to mass incarceration today by participating in a short survey for family members who have experienced the hardships that accompany prison or jail time. We want to hear more about your experiences with Mass Incarceration. We will utilize these stories to help identify how widespread these issues are, and hold lawmakers accountable for the unjust law and policy changes that are keeping millions of families in a cycle of debt and depression.
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I was the sole support for my family while my loved one was in prison
I had or currently have access to health insurance and the health care I needed while my loved one was or is currently in prison
If yes, what type of medical insurance did you have?
How old were you when your loved one was incarcerated?
My family member was sentenced to ______ years in prison
I am currently
I am employed
Income level
After my loved one went to prison we
My family member being away at prison led to divorce or separation
I experienced or suffered from
I was enrolled in an academic program at the time of my loved ones incarceration
If yes, When my loved one was in prison
I found it easy to maintain a relationship with my loved one while they were in prison
How far was or currently is your loved one from your home?
I experienced barriers to communication
My family owns a car
My loved one is currently incarcerated
If no, My loved one had the following support or opportunities in prison that prepared them for re-entry
My loved one did not have access to the following supports or opportunities that would have supported their rehabilitation and re-entry
It took my loved one _____ years to find employment
My loved one found work doing
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When my love one returned to my family and community they had outstanding legal financial obligations
If yes, how much ?
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