SHBR Seal School Sign-Up
To register your child(ren) for SHBR's Seal School, you must complete this form AND pay the invoice SHBR will send you the evening of the day on which you submit this form. Registration is not complete until payment is made. We expect demand for this program to be high, so please submit payment once you receive the invoice that will be emailed to you. Each form can be used to sign up four or fewer swimmers for multiple weeks of Seal School.
Email *
Registrant (Name of Child) *
Gender *
Date of Birth *
Medications/Allergies/Special Information
Please list any known allergies, medications the child takes, and any other relevant information.
Home Address *
Parent/Guardian Email Address *
Parent/Guardian Name *
Parent/Guardian Mobile Telephone Number *
Emergency Contact Name *
This should be a different person from the parent/guardian listed above.
Emergency Contact Mobile Telephone Number *
Swimmer's Skill Level *
Please assess your child's swimming skill level using the metrics found here: and select the level in which your child would be most comfortable. SHBR class instructors will evaluate each child's aptitude during lessons and, if warranted, be placed in a higher or lower level.
Seal School Sessions *
**The week of June 14 is SOLD OUT. (6/7/2021)
Would you like sign up another child? *
You may use this same form to sign up another child *only if* the following information is the same for second/additional child(ren) as for the first: the child's address; the parent/guardian's name, email address, and mobile number; and the emergency contact's name and mobile number.
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