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Please fill out this short form to complete your application for our workshop, "Bringing Fierce Vulnerability to the Struggle for Racial and Climate Justice: An Exploration of the Principles, Practices, and Structure of the Yet-To-Be-Named Network."
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You DO NOT need to have any knowledge of this Network to participate in this workshop. Everyone is welcome, and there is no obligation to join the Network. However, space is limited and priority will be given to those who identify as BIPOC (see below) and to those interested in joining the Network.
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If you are familiar with YTBN, please say a few words about your relationship with the Network or your interest in possibly joining the Network.
Do you identify as Black, Indigenous or Person of Color (BIPOC)? *
We understand that the binary between identifying as BIPOC or not is far from a perfect system, and does not support the complex identities that we all hold. At the same time, we ask this question because YTBN and East Point is committed to creating spaces that feel safe for those who have historically been marginalized.
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