By 4/6: All Educators of Color and Educational Scholars of Color in the U.S. are invited to sign on (please scroll down to sign)
Educators & Scholars of Color Against Failed Educational “Reforms”

The public is being misled. Billionaire philanthropists are increasingly foisting so-called “reform” initiatives upon the schools that serve predominantly students of color and low-income students, and are using black and brown voices to echo claims of improving schools or advancing civil rights in order to rally community support. However, the evidence to the contrary is clear: these initiatives have not systematically improved student success, are faulty by design, and have already proven to widen racial and economic disparities. Therefore, we must heed the growing body of research and support communities and civil-rights organizations in their calls for a more accurate and nuanced understanding of the problems facing our schools, for a retreat from failed “reforms,” and for better solutions:

• Our school systems need more public investment, not philanthropic experimentation; more democratic governance, not disenfranchisement; more guidance from the profession, the community, and researchers, not from those looking to privatize and profiteer; and more attention to legacies of systemic injustice, racism, and poverty, not neoliberal, market-based initiatives that function merely to incentivize, blame, and punish.

• Our teachers and leaders need more, better, and ongoing preparation and support, more professional experience and community connections, and more involvement in shared governance and collective bargaining for the common good, not less.

• Our vision should be that every student receives the very best that our country has to offer as a fundamental right and a public good; not be forced to compete in a marketplace where some have and some have not, and where some win and many others lose.

The offer for “help” is alluring, and is reinforced by Hollywood’s long history of deficit-oriented films about white teachers saving poorer black and brown students from suffering, as if the solution consisted merely of uplifting and inspiring individuals, rather than of tackling the broader system of stratification that functions to fail them in the first place. Today, more than ever before, the “help” comes in the form of contingent financing for education, and the pressure to accept is intense: shrinking public resources, resounding claims of scarcity, and urgent calls for austerity make it seem negligent to turn down sizable financial incentives, even when such aid is tied to problematic reforms.

The growing number of funders includes high-profile foundations and obscure new funders (including but not limited to the Arnold Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Bradley Foundation, Broad Foundation, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, City Fund, DeVos family foundations, Gates Foundation, Koch family foundations, and Walton Family Foundation), and for the most part, have converged on what counts as worthwhile and fundable, whether leaning conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat (see, for example, the platform of Democrats for Education Reform). Such funders may be supporting some grassroots initiatives, but overall, mega-philanthropy in public education exemplifies the 21st-century shift from traditional donating that supported others’ initiatives with relatively smaller grants, to venture financing that offers funding pools of unprecedented size and scale but only to those who agree to implement the funders’ experiments. Belying the rhetoric of improving schools is the reality that such experiments are making struggling schools look less and less like the top performing schools for the elite, and do so by design, as with the following:

• The Portfolio Model. 

Exemplified in the early 2000s by the turnaround-school reforms in Chicago Public Schools and Race to the Top, and increasingly shaping urban districts across the country today, the “portfolio model” decentralizes decision making, expands school choice, holds schools accountable through performance measures like student testing, and sanctions failing schools with restructuring or closure, incentivizing their replacements in the form of charter schools. This model purports that marketizing school systems will lead to system improvement, and that student testing carries both validity and reliability for high-stakes decisions, neither of which is true.

Instead of improving struggling schools, what results are growing racial disparities that fuel gentrification for the richer alongside disinvestment from the poorer. The racially disparate outcomes should not be surprising, given the historical ties between mass standardized testing and eugenics, and even today, given the ways that “norm referencing” in test construction guarantees the perpetuation of a racialized achievement curve. Yet, the hallmarks of the portfolio model are taught in the Broad Superintendents Academy that prepares an increasingly steady flow of new leaders for urban districts, and not surprisingly, that has produced the leaders that have been ousted in some of the highest profile protests by parents and teachers in recent years. This is the model that propels the funding and incubation of school-choice expansion, particularly via charter schools, through such organizations as the NewSchools Venture Fund and various charter networks whose leaders are among the trainers in the Broad Academy. Imposing this model on poorer communities of color is nefarious, disingenuous, and must end.

• Choice, Vouchers, Charters. 

The expansion of school choice, including vouchers (and neo-voucher initiatives, like tax credits) and charter schools, purports to give children and parents the freedom to leave a “failing” school. However, the research on decades of such programs does not give any compelling evidence that such reforms lead to system improvement, instead showing increased racial segregation, diversion of public funding from the neediest of communities, neglect of students with disabilities and English-language learners, and more racial disparities in educational opportunity. This should not be surprising: choice emerged during the Civil Rights Movement as a way to resist desegregation; vouchers also emerged during this time, when the federal government was growing its investment into public education, as a way to privatize public school systems and divert funding to private schools for the elite; and charter schools emerged in the 1990s as laboratories for communities to shape their own schools, but have become the primary tool to privatize school systems.

Yes, choice and vouchers give some students a better education, but in many areas, students of color and low-income students are in the minority of those using vouchers. Yes, some charters are high performing, but overall, the under-regulation of and disproportionate funding for charter schools has resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in waste (and even more in corporate profits) that could otherwise have gone to traditional public schools. The NAACP was right when it resolved that privatization is a threat to public education, and in particular, called for a moratorium on charter-school expansion; and the NAACP, MALDEF, ACLU, and other national civil-rights organizations have opposed voucher expansion. Diverting funds towards vouchers, neo-vouchers, and charters must end.

• Teacher Deprofessionalization. 

The deprofessionalization of teaching—including the undermining of collective bargaining and shared governance, and the preferential hiring of underprepared teachers—is foregrounded in charter schools (which often prohibit unionization and hire a disproportionate number of Teach for America teachers), but affects the teaching force in public schools, writ large. The mega-philanthropies are not only anti-union, having supported (sometimes rhetorically, sometimes resourcefully) the recent wave of anti-union bills across the states; but more broadly, are anti-shared governance, supporting the shift toward top-down management forms (including by for-profit management at the school level, and unelected, mayor-appointed boards at the district level). 

The weakening of the profession is also apparent in the philanthropies’ funding of fast-track routes to certification, not only for leaders (like with New Leaders for New Schools), but also for classroom teachers, like with the American Board for Certification of Teaching Excellence, and more notably, Teach for America (TFA). TFA accelerates the revolving door of teachers by turning teaching into a brief service obligation, justified by a redefining of quality teacher away from preparedness, experience, and community connectedness to merely being knowledgeable of subject matter (and notably, after the courts found that TFA teachers did not meet the definition of “highly qualified,” Congress would remove the requirement that every student have a “highly qualified” teacher in its 2015 reauthorization of ESEA, thus authorizing the placement of underprepared teachers in the neediest of schools). 

Parents are being lied to when told that these “reforms” of weakening unions and lessening professional preparation will raise the quality of teachers for their children. Yes, some teachers and leaders from alternative routes are effective and well-intended, but outliers should not drive policy. Students are being lied to when told that choosing such pathways is akin to joining the legacy of civil-rights struggles for poorer communities of color. Not surprisingly, the NAACP and the Movement for Black Lives have called out how initiatives like TFA appeal to our desire to serve and help, but shortchange the students who need and deserve more.

We, as a nationwide collective of educators of color and educational scholars of color, oppose the failed reforms that are being forced by wealthy philanthropists onto our communities with problematic and often devastating results. These must end now. We support reforms that better serve our students, particularly in poorer communities of color, and we will continue to work with lawmakers, leaders, school systems, and the public to make such goals a reality.

As of 4/4/2020, the following 539 educators of color and educational scholars of color in the United States have endorsed this statement (affiliations are provided for identification purposes only):
Contact Person: Kevin Kumashiro, Co-Founder, Education Deans for Justice and Equity
A. Kuulei Serna, Associate Professor, University of Hawai'i-Mānoa
A. Lin Goodwin, Evenden Foundation Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University
AA Valdivia, Instructor, California State University-East Bay
Aaron Montoya, Project Director, Adams State University
Abdi Ali, Manager, Boston Public Schools
Adam Kuranishi, Educator, Ph.D. Student, Teachers College, Columbia University
Adama Dinos, Teacher, Edina High School
Aditya Adiredja, Assistant Professor, University of Arizona
Agnes Zapata, Teacher, Oakland Unified School District
Agustin Cervantes, Director, California State University-Los Angeles
Ah-Young Song, Visiting Assistant Professor, Vassar College
Aihomon Ebojie, Deaf/Blind Intervener, Hmong International Academy
Akamai Tammy Cornillez, Teacher, St. Michael-Albertville High School
Alan R. Shoho, Dean, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Past President, UCEA
Alberto Lopez-Carrasquillo, Associate Dean, Northeastern Illinois University
Alberto Teran, Education Assistant, Edison High School
Alejandro Covarrubias, Assistant Professor, California State University-Los Angeles
Alfonso Gonzalez, Teacher, Chimacum Middle School
Alison Criss, Teacher, St. Anthony Middle School
Alison Yasuoka, Teacher, Voyager Public Charter School
Alix Ann Grande, Specialist, Apple Valley High School
Aloun Phoulavan, Teacher, Specialist, Harmony Learning Center
Amanda Horton, American Indian Home Liaison, Independent School District 709 (MN)
Amanda LeClair-Diaz, Graduate Student, University of Arizona
Amelia Dunbar, Associate Educator, Lucy Laney Community School
Amina Chaudhri, Associate Professor, Northeastern Illinois University
Ana Celia Zentella, Professor Emerita, University of California-San Diego
Andres Martinez, Teacher, Thornton High School (Colorado)
Angela Deleon, Social Worker, Brooklyn Center Community Schools
Angela Valenzuela, Professor, University of Texas-Austin; Director, NLERAPP
Angelina Momanyi, Language Specialist, Lucy Laney Community School
Anita Chikkatur, Associate Professor, Carleton College
Anita Revilla, Professor, California State University-Los Angeles
Anjanette Parisien, Program Facilitator, Minneapolis Public Schools
Ann Aviles, Assistant Professor, University of Delaware
Anna Ah Sam, Coordinator, University of Hawai'i-Mānoa
Anna Knutson, Educator, Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton Public Schools
Anna Lees, Associate Professor, Western Washington University
Annamarie Francois, Executive Director, University of California-Los Angeles
Anne Ríos-Rojas, Associate Professor, Colgate University
Annette Davis, Educational Support Professional, Cooper High School
Antero Garcia, Assistant Professor, Stanford University
Antonia Darder, Leavey Presidential Chair, Loyola Marymount University
Antonio Ellis, Adjunct Professor, Howard University
Anusack Banuvong, Teacher, Winona Public School District
Ariana Mangual Figueroa, Associate Professor, CUNY Graduate Center
Armando Guerrero, Lecturer, University of California-Los Angeles
Arshad I. Ali, Assistant Professor, George Washington University
Artnelson Concordia, Teacher, San Francisco Unified School District
Arturo Cortez, Assistant Professor, University of Colorado-Boulder
Asedo Wilson, Teacher, Richmond High
Ashley N. Patterson, Assistant Professor, Pennsylvania State University
Baldwin Hong, Counselor, Seattle City University
Beatrice Massango, Educator, Independent School District 728 (MN)
Belinda Bustos Flores, Associate Dean, Professor, University of Texas at San Antonio
Benjamin Chang, Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina-Greensboro
Betina Hsieh, Associate Professor, California State University-Long Beach
Bettina Love, Professor, University of Georgia
Betty Pazmiño, Executive Director, San Francisco Unified School District
Bety Rios-Christensen, Instructor, Lino Lakes Correctional Facility
Bic Ngo, Professor, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Blanca Caldas Chumbes, Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Blas Herrera, Teacher, United Educators of San Francisco
Bob Hughes, Professor Emeritus, Seattle University
Boonmee Yang, Teacher, Mississippi Creative Arts Elementary
Brian Lozenski, Associate Professor, Macalester College
Bruce Jackson, Instructional Assistant, Aki Kurose Middle School
Candice Valenzuela, Instructor, University of San Francisco
Carl Grant, Hoefs-Bascom Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Carla García-Fernández, Assistant Professor, California State University-Northridge
Carlos Lopez Leiva, Associate Professor, University of New Mexico
Carlos Manuel Rivera, Professor, Bronx Community College, CUNY
Carol Hsiao, Former Administrator, University of Hawai'i-Mānoa
Cassandra Chen, Teacher, Oakland Unified School District
Catalina Piña, Teacher, Tracy Unified School District
Cathery Yeh, Assistant Professor, Chapman University
Cathlin Goulding, Director, YURI: An Asian American Education Project
Cecily Myart-Cruz, Teacher, Chair, National Education Association Black Caucus
Ceresta Smith, Teacher Leader, Miami-Dade County Public Schools
César G. Abarca, Associate Professor, Humboldt State University
Chantelle Vaughn, Social Worker, Brooklyn Center Community Schools
Charlane Starks, Assistant Professor, Director, University of the Pacific
Charlotte Jacobs, Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania
Chau Nguyen, Teacher, Chaparral Elementary School
Chela Delgado, Teacher, Coliseum College Prep Academy
Cheli Thomas, Independent Scholar
Cherlynn Lee, Educator, Kirtland Middle School
Chloe White, Graduate Student, University of Texas-Austin
Christina Villarreal, Director, Harvard University
Christine Trujillo, Educator, Edgewater Elementary
Christine Yeh, Professor, University of San Francisco
Christopher Finley, Teacher, Fresno Teachers Association
Chuck Flores, Assistant Professor, California State University-Los Angeles
Cindy Cruz, Associate Professor, University of Arizona
Cindy Jong, Associate Professor, University of Kentucky
Clark Sanders, Teacher, Champlin Park High School
Coco Cabral, Adjunct Professor, American River College
Colette Cann, Associate Dean, Professor, University of San Francisco
Colleena ᑯᓖᓇ Bibeau, Instructor, American Indian Education (MN)
Consuelo Lara, Trustee, West Contra Costa Unified School District
Corina Pastrana, Teacher, Minneapolis Public Schools
Cornell Thomas, Retired Professor, Texas Christian University
Cristhian Fallas Escobar, Ph.D. Student, University of Texas-San Antonio
Cristian Aquino Sterling, Associate Professor, San Diego State University
Cristin Craig, Dean of Students, Irondale High School
Curtis Acosta, Former Teacher, Mexican American Studies Program (Tucson)
Cynthia Benally, Assistant Professor, University of Utah
Cynthia Peyton, Speech Language Pathologist, Minneapolis Public Schools
Damián Baca, Associate Professor, University of Arizona
Damian White Lightning, Student, University of Oregon
Dana Wright, Associate Professor, Mills College
Daniel Denton, Teacher, Kelly Middle School
Daniel Solorzano, Professor, University of California-Los Angeles
Danny C. Martinez, Associate Professor, University of California-Davis
Danny Choi, Teacher, San José Unified School District
Darlene Lee, Advisor, University of California-Los Angeles
Darrell Hucks, Associate Professor, Keene State College
Davenar Johnson, Teacher, Century Community Charter School
Davíd G. Martínez, Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina
David Omotoso Stovall, Professor, University of Illinois-Chicago; Co-Founder, CReATE
Dawn Paro-Strother, Educator, Ordean East Middle School
Deanna Hernandez, Literacy Interventionist, Saint Mary’s University
Debbie Sonu, Professor, Hunter College, CUNY
Delcinaya Teixeira-Banks, Paraprofessional, Jeremiah E. Burke High School
Delene Thomas Sanders, Teacher, Independent School District 622 (MN)
Demiliza Saramosing, Instructor, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Denise Mahfood, Instructor, Teachers College, Columbia University
Denisha Jones, Director, Sarah Lawrence College
Dennis Randle, Department Lead, Washington Union High School
Desiree Vega, Associate Professor, University of Arizona
Deven Shah, Teacher, Broadview-Thomson PK-8
DeWayne Combs, Teacher, Saint Paul Public Schools
Diana Diaz, Instructor, A List Education
Diana Soriano, Graduate Student, Illinois State University
Dierdre Cobb-Roberts, Associate Professor, University of South Florida
Dimpal Jain, Associate Professor, California State University-Northridge
Django Paris, Banks Professor, University of Washington
Dolores Delgado Bernal, Professor, Chair, California State University-Los Angeles
Don Allen, Teacher, Hamline University
Donghong Wang, Teacher, Hopkins School District
Dorinda Carter Andrews, Professor, Chair, Michigan State University
Dorothy H. Idris, Independent Educational Consultant
Dountonia S. Batts, Faculty Member, Martin University
Durene I. Wheeler, Director, Professor, Northeastern Illinois University
Ebony Elizabeth Thomas, Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania
Ed Brockenbrough, Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania
Edairra McCalister, Teacher, Osseo Senior High
Edwin Mayorga, Associate Professor, Swarthmore College
Elaine Dillard, Teacher, Wayzata High School
Eleanore Stovall, Retired Educator, Oakland Unified School District
Elena Flores, Professor Emerita, University of San Francisco
Elisa Ongosia, Residence Director, University of Hawai'i-Mānoa
Elizabeth Thao, Teacher, Bruce Vento Elementary
Elsa Zerai, Teacher, Minneapolis Public Schools
Emily Lin, Associate Dean, University of Nevada-Las Vegas
Eniola Adenusi, Teacher, Mankato State University
Erica Gonzalez Jones, Educator, Shoreline Public School District
Ernest Lorenzo Lowe III, Youth Mentor, Portland Public Schools
Ernest Rose, Professor Emeritus, Loyola Marymount University
Ethan Johnson, Associate Professor, Chair, Portland State University
Eugene Fujimoto, Faculty Member, California State University-Fullerton
Evan Moore, Teacher, Robbinsdale Area Schools
Ezekiel Joubert III, Assistant Professor, California State University-Los Angeles
Farima Pour-Khorshid, Assistant Professor, University of San Francisco
Fay Yokomizo Akindes, Director, University of Wisconsin
Felicia Moore Mensah, Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University
Francesca Lopez, Professor, University of Arizona
Francisco Jesus Ortiz, Teacher, Vice President, United Teachers of Richmond
Francisco Rios, Professor, Western Washington University
G.T. Reyes, Assistant Professor, California State University-East Bay
Gabriel Anthony Tanglao, Associate Director, New Jersey Education Association
Gabriel dela Cruz, Teacher, June Jordan School for Equity
Gaoly Her, Teacher, Champlin Park High School
Gayle Cosby, Faculty, Ivy Tech Community College
Geni Cowan, Professor, Sacramento State University
George Brown, Educational Assistant, West Education Center
Gerardo R. Lopez, Professor, Michigan State University
Gilbert Hale, Behavior Administrator, Saint Paul Public Schools
Gilda M. Bloom-Leiva, Professor, San Francisco State University
Gisela Santiago, Teacher, League of Latino Educators
Giselle Spears, Educator, Saint Paul Public Schools
Glenabah Martinez, Director of Native American Initiatives in Education, University of New Mexico
Gloria Boutte, Professor, University of South Carolina
Gloria Ruff, Educator, Saint Louis Park Public Schools
Gregory K. Tanaka, Secretary General, Himalayan Consensus Institute
Gregory Samuels, Assistant Professor, University of Montevallo
Gregory Warren, Assistant Professor, Chapman University
Grisel Y. Acosta, Associate Professor, Bronx Community College, CUNY
Guadalupe Cardona, Teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District
Haeny Yoon, Assistant Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University
Héctor Reyes, Retired Associate Professor, Harold Washington College
Hillary Walker, Teacher, Life Academy of Health and Bioscience
Hilton Kelly, Dean, Professor, Livingstone College
Hollie A. Kulago, Associate Professor, Pennsylvania State University
Huitzilin Ortiz, Teacher, Graduate Student, University of Arizona
Ineke Murakami, Associate Professor, University of Albany, SUNY
Ines Mendoza, Teacher, Compton Avenue Elementary
Irene Villasenor, Community Advisor, Chinese American Planning Council
Isabel Nunez, Professor, Director, Purdue University-Fort Wayne
Ivonne Rovira, Teacher, Jefferson County Public Schools
J.B. Mayo, Jr., Associate Professor, University of Minnesota
Jacqueline Jordan Irvine, Candler Professor Emerita, Emory University; Member, National Academy of Education
Jacqueline Mac, Doctoral Candidate, Indiana University
Jacqueline Simmons, Senior Lecturer, Teachers College, Columbia University
Jacqulyn Whang, Teacher, Centennial High
Jaime Alanis, Lecturer, California State University-Northridge
Jamie Chan, Program Director, San Francisco State University
Jamie Crain, Teacher, Roseville Public Schools
Janet Kim, Ph.D. Student, University of Hawai'i-Mānoa
Janet Lau, Teacher, Cleveland Elementary
Janice Reed, Education Assistant, Cooper High School
Janie Gholston, Support Assistant, Mona Moede Early Learning Center
Jansen Barron, Teacher, Thiells Elementary School
Jasmine Stanley, Educator, Earle Brown Elementary
Jason Buell, Doctoral Candidate, University of Colorado-Boulder
Jason Stroman, Program Director, The Blueprint Foundation
Jay Wahi, Teacher, Saint Paul Public Schools
Jean Ishibashi, Instructor, City College of San Francisco
Jeanine Staples, Associate Professor, Pennsylvania State University
Jeanna Tang, Specialist, Arlene Bitely Elementary School
Jeanne Nagayama Hall, Senior Instructor, University of Oregon
Jeannette Alarcón, Associate Professor, University of Houston
Jeremiah Jeffries, Co-Founder, Teachers 4 Social Justice (San Francisco)
Jesse Hagopian, Teacher, Garfield High School
Jesse Scott, Teacher, Spencer Butte Middle School
Jessica Brito, Teacher, Chicago Public Schools
Jesús A. Tirado, Assistant Professor, Auburn University
Jesús Castellón, Teacher, Milwaukee Public Schools
Jihyun Kim, Teacher, West Contra Costa Unified School District
Jingzi Huang, Associate Dean, Director, University of Northern Colorado
Jiovanna L. Perez, Instructor, University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley
Joanna Perez Rizzotto, Teacher, School District of South Milwaukee
Joanne V. Rhone, Retired Professor, Clark Atlanta University
Joao J. Rosa, Associate Professor, Bridgewater State University
Joaquin Munoz, Assistant Professor, Augsburg University
Joey Yung-Jun Liu, Teacher, Ph.D. Candidate, Chapman University
Johanna Stone, Instructor, University of Hawai'i-Mānoa
John E. Wiley, Behavioral Support Staff, Earle Brow Elementary
Jolynn Asato, Lecturer, San José State University
Jonathan Plotz, Teacher, Anoka High School
Joni Boyd Acuff, Associate Professor, Ohio State University
Jonte Taylor, Associate Professor, Pennsylvania State University
Jose Paolo Magcalas, School Board President, Anaheim Elementary School District
Jose Parra Staves, Teacher, Wayzata High School
José Soler, Co-Chair, New Bedford Coalition to Save Our Schools
Jose Vilson, Teacher, New York City Department of Education
Josefina Padilla, Teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District
Joseph O. Legaspi, Co-Founder, Kundiman
Josephine Pham, Assistant Professor, California State University-Fullerton
Joshua J. Prudhomme, Miramontes Doctoral Fellow, University of Colorado-Boulder
Juan Álvarez, Teacher, Sycamore Junior High
Judith Salcido, Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Arizona
Judy Henderson, Coordinating Supervisor, D.E.L.O.R.E.S Works
Julius Thomas, Professor, Counselor, Rio Hondo College
Justin Grinage, Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota
Kaia Hirt, Teacher, Champlin Park High School
Kamille Wells, Teacher, Minneapolis Public Schools
Karen Marshall, Executive Director, Rethink New Orleans
Karen Palmen, Teacher, Saint Paul Central High School
Karen Walker, Group Leader, L'Etoile du Nord French Immersion School
Karen Zapata, Co-Founder, Teachers 4 Social Justice (San Francisco)
Kari Kokka, Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh
Karina Mendez Perez, Graduate Student, University of Texas-Austin
Karla Alvarado-Goldberg, Psychiatric Social Worker, Los Angeles Unified School District
Karlyn Adams-Wiggins, Assistant Professor, Portland State University
Katherine A. Tibbetts, Senior Director, Lili‘uokalani Trust
Katherine Flores, Coordinator, Mt. Diablo Unified School District
Katherine Suyeyasu, Director, Bay Area Writing Project
Kay Fujiyoshi, Instructor, University of Chicago
Kea Sparkman, Counselor, Saint Paul Public Schools
Ke'alohi Perry, College Success Advisor, University of Hawai'i-West O'ahu
Keisha L. Green, Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Keith Catone, Executive Director, Roger Williams University
Keitha-Gail Martin-Kerr, Adjunct Professor, Hamline University
Kellee Humphrey, Teacher, Oak Grove Educators Association
Kelly Flores, Teacher Librarian, Los Angeles Unified School District
Keneisha Boozer, Principal, Springfield Public Schools District #186
Kerry Soo Von Esch, Assistant Professor, Seattle University
Kevin A. Nguyen, Assistant Professor, Sonoma State University
Kevin Kumashiro, Co-Founder, Education Deans for Justice and Equity
Kevin Lawrence Henry, Jr., Assistant Professor, University of Arizona
Kimberly A. White-Smith, Dean, University of La Verne
Kimberly Colbert, Teacher, Saint Paul Public Schools
Kimi Wilson, Assistant Professor, California State University-Los Angeles
Kimmery Newsom, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Kimo Alexander Cashman, Director, University of Hawai'i-Mānoa
Kofi Lomotey, Distinguished Professor, Western Carolina University
Krishna Pattisapu, Director, University of Colorado-Boulder
Kristin Wiley, Teacher, Edgerton Elementary School
Kristina Fehn, Teacher, Community School of Excellence
Kristina Reeves-Barber, Teacher, Boston Public Schools
Kyle Halle-Erby, Doctoral Student, University of California-Los Angeles
Lamin Khan, Teacher, North Education Center-District 287
LaSonya Moore, Assistant Professor, University of South Florida
Latina Guest, Paraprofessional, Minneapolis Public Schools
Latosha Rowley, Instructor, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Laura C. Chávez-Moreno, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California-Los Angeles
Laura Hallberg, Assistant Dean, Assistant Professor, University of the Pacific
Laura McClendon, Teacher, Saint Paul Public Schools
Laura Valdiviezo, Faculty Member, University of Massachusetts
Laurence Parker, Professor, University of Utah; Fellow, National Education Policy Center
Lavaniya Jimenez, Teacher, Graduate Student, University of Texas-Austin
Laverne Yazzie, Teacher, Kirtland Central High School
Leigh Patel, Associate Dean, University of Pittsburgh
Leila Rose, Assistant Professor, Rhode Island College
Lenny Sanchez, Faculty Member, University of South Carolina
Lesa M. Covington Clarkson, Associate Professor, University of Minnesota
Lilia Monzo, Associate Professor, Chapman University
Lilibeth Reillo-Cotto, Teacher, Minneapolis Public Schools
Lilliam Gutiérrez Hoerr, Teacher, Roseville Area Schools
Linda Azure, Social Worker, Folwell School
Lindsay Peifer, Teacher, Saint Paul Public Schools
Lisa Alvarado, Adjunct Professor, Columbia College
Lisa Harrison, Associate Professor, Ohio University
Lisa Weems, Professor, Miami University of Ohio
LisaMarie Miramontes, Research Consultant, Fred Finch Youth and Family Services
Lizzette Barrios-Gracian, Teacher, Anaheim High School
Lois A. Yamauchi, Professor, University of Hawai'i-Mānoa
Lomumba Ismail, Teacher, Anoka High School
Lorena t. Valenzuela, Teacher, Judith F. Baca Arts Academy
Loretta Capeheart, Retired Associate Professor, Northeastern Illinois University
Loretta Trujillo, Advisor, Santa Fe Public Schools
Lou Tolosa-Casadont, Associate Professor, University of Georgia
Louise Santiago, Interim Assistant Dean and Director, Touro University California
Lucia Cardenas Curiel, Assistant Professor, Michigan State University
Luciana C. de Oliveira, Professor, University of Miami
Luis Urrieta, Professor, University of Texas-Austin
Luz Calvo, Chair, California State University-East Bay
Luz Casquejo Johnston, Assistant Professor, Saint Mary's College of California
LynMari Fukuda, Teacher, Ka'u High, Pahala Elementary
M. Francyne Huckaby, Professor, Texas Christian University
Maajiigwaneyaash Jourdain, Educator, Misaabekong Program
Maddie Alvendia, Teacher, Caliber Beta Academy
Maisie Gholson, Assistant Professor, University of Michigan
Manali J. Sheth, Assistant Professor, Connecticut College
Manka Varghese, Professor, University of Washington
Marc Brown, Teacher, Earle Brown Elementary
Margarita Berta-Avila, Professor, Sacramento State University
Margarita Bianco, Associate Professor, University of Colorado-Denver
Margarita Perez, Professor, Worcester State University
Maria Concepcion, Administrator, Global Inter-Visions
Maria del Rosario Zavala, Assistant Professor, San Francisco State University
Maria E. Franquiz, Former Dean, University of Utah
Maria Le, Teacher, Roseville Area Schools
Maria Ponce-Khoury, Teacher, Saint Louis Park Schools
Maria Reyes-Wrede, Racial Equity Coach, St. Louis Park School District
Maria Wilson, Teacher, Anoka-Hennepin School District
Mariana Souto-Manning, Professor, Director, Teachers College, Columbia University
Mario Galvan, Retired Teacher, California Teachers Association
Marisa Traylor, Adjunct Instructor, Chabot College
Marisol Ruiz, Associate Professor, Humboldt State University
Mark Gooden, Christian Johnson Endeavor Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University
Mark Nagasawa, Director, Bank Street College of Education
Mark Zavala, Teacher, Progreso High School
Marques Fondren, Teacher, Robbinsdale Cooper High School
Martha Alvarado, Teacher, Escondido Union School District
Martha Escobar, Associate Professor, California State University-Northridge
Marty Scofield, Teacher, Education Minnesota
Mary Nikoo, Manager, Teach for America
Maryclare Flores, Teacher, James W. Hennigan K-8 School
Massène Mboup, Executive Director, International Leadership Academy
Maxine McKinney de Royston, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Meghann Seril, Teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District
Michael Dantley, Dean, Miami University; President-Elect, CADREI
Michael Dawson, Teacher, Lemon Crest Elementary
Michael Pena, Teacher, Mukilteo School District
Michelle Blanchard, Specialist, Denfeld High School
Michelle R. Urevig-Grilz, Teacher, University of Minnesota
Michelle Wiese, President, Minneapolis Federation of Teachers and Education Support Professionals
Miguel Zavala, Associate Professor, California State University-Los Angeles
Mike Rodriguez, Teacher, Santa Ana Unified School District
Mikela Bjork, Assistant Professor, Coordinator, University of Redlands
Mimi Wright, Teacher, Frontier Central School District
Min Liu, Faculty Member, University of Hawai'i
Miriam Bornstein Gómez, Professor Emerita, University of Denver
Miriam D. Ezzani, Assistant Professor, Texas Christian University
Monét Cooper, Doctoral Student, University of Michigan
Monique A. Guishard, Associate Professor, Bronx Community College, CUNY
Monisha Bajaj, Professor, University of San Francisco
Myriam N. Torres, Professor Emerita, New Mexico State University
Nafeesah Marie Muhammad, Teacher, Patrick Henry High School
Nathaniel B. Garpue, Education Assistant, Intermediate District 287 (MN)
Ngan Nguyen, Teacher, Brooklyn Center Community Schools
Nguyen Dang, Educator, Edina Public Schools
Nicholas D. Hartlep, Robert Charles Billings Endowed Chair, Berea College
Nicole Cristobal, Ph.D. Student, University of Pittsburgh
Nini Visaya Hayes, Assistant Professor, Western Washington University
Niru Parmar, Teacher, Gladstone High School
Noelani Goodyear-Kaʻōpua, Professor, Chair, University of Hawai'i-Mānoa
Nyama McCarthy-Brown, Assistant Professor, Ohio State University
OiYan Poon, Associate Professor, Colorado State University
Oscar Navarro, Assistant Professor, California Polytechnic State University
Pablo Jasis, Associate Professor, California State University-Fullerton
Pamela Beatty, Coach, Intermediate District 287 (MN)
Pamela Hoff, Associate Professor, Illinois State University
Patricia Mitchell, Professor Emerita, University of San Francisco
Patricia Núñez Porras, Educator, University of Texas-Austin
Patricia Ramos, Teacher, Federal Way Public Schools
Pauline W. U. Chinn, Professor, University of Hawai'i-Mānoa
Paulo Tan, Assistant Professor, University of Hawai'i-Mānoa
Pedro Farruggio, Retired Associate Professor, University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley
Peter Eley, Professor, Chair, Fayetteville State University
Phillippe Galicinao, Teacher, Hālau Kū Māna
Pia Wong, Associate Dean, Sacramento State University
Plashan McCune, Executive Director, Higher Learning U Inc.
R. Mata, Assistant Professor, Western Washington University
R. Tolteka Cuauhtin, Teacher, United Teachers Los Angeles
Rachel Charles Harge, Instructor, Macalester College
Rachel F Gomez, Assistant Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University
Raina J. León, Professor, Director, Saint Mary’s College of California
Raja Gopal Bhattar, Consultant, Bhattar Consulting
Ramona Bell, Professor, Humboldt State University
Raquel Baker, Assistant Professor, California State University-Channel Islands
Rasheida Ross, Teacher, Richfield Middle School
Ray Lee, Teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District
Ray Ramirez, Teacher, East Side Union High School District
Rebeca Burciaga, Associate Professor, San José State University
Rebecca Flores, Multilingual Specialist, Austin Independent School District
Rebecca Harper, Educator, San Bernardino City Unified School District
Reina Cabezas, Teacher, Castlemont High School
Rene Antrop-Gonzalez, Professor, Metropolitan State University
Renee Robinson, Teacher, Aquila Elementary School
Renee Swayne, Retired Educator, Oakland Unified School District
Ricardo Rosa, Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth
Ricco Siasoco, Director, Chadwick School
Rigoberto Marquez, Associate Director, Lecturer, Stanford University
Rita Jimenez, Portland Libraries Manager (Oregon)
Rita Kohli, Associate Professor, University of California-Riverside
Ro Lin, Paraprofessional, Minnesota Transitions School
Robert Lee, Dean, University of Central Missouri
Robert Rendo, Assistant Principal, Dutchess County Schools
Roberta Hernandez, Academic Interventionist, Central Park Elementary
Roberto Martinez, Manager, Brooklyn College, CUNY
Roger Kiyomura, Director, Hawai'i Pacific University
Roland Sintos Coloma, Professor, Assistant Dean, Wayne State University
Rona Robinson-Hill, Assistant Professor, Ball State University
Rong Zhan, Teacher, Hopkins Public School District
Rosann Tung, Independent Researcher
Ruby Adams, Retired Member, National Alliance of Black School Educators
Ruchi Rangnath, Professor, University of San Francisco
Ryan Oto, Teacher, Brooklyn Center Community Schools
Ryan Ruelas, Teacher, Trustee, Anaheim Union High School District
Sabrina J. Curtis, Doctoral Candidate, George Washington University
Saira Rab, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Houston
Samuel Museus, Professor, University of California-San Diego
Sandra Briscoe, Teacher, Lindbergh Elementary School
Sandra Muegge, Instructor, Ridgewater College
Sandra Quick, Retired Education Administrator, Joy Unspeakable
Sangeeta Kamat, Professor, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Sara Maldonado, Teacher, Moreland Arts and Health Sciences Magnet
Sara Patricia Chavarria, Assistant Dean, University of Arizona
Sean Golden, Instructor, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
See Yang, Educational Assistant, Saint Paul Public Schools
Selena Kopas, Educational Assistant, Como Park Senior High School
Sepehr Vakil, Assistant Professor, Northwestern University
Sergio Gonzalez, Ph.D. Student, Claremont Graduate University
Shameem Rakha, Assistant Professor, Washington State University-Vancouver
Shantá R. Robinson, Assistant Professor, University of Chicago
Sharon Unrau, Teacher, Columbus City Schools
Shawntel Jenkins, Specialist, Harrison Education Center
Shelia Boozer, Director, Springfield District 186
Shekela Wanyama, Graduate Student, University of Arizona
Sherick Hughes, Professor, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Sherry Skipper Spurgeon, Teacher, MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate School
Shigeko Sekine, Professor, California State University-Monterey Bay
Shirin Antia, Professor, University of Arizona
Shirley Starke-Wallace, Retired Principal, King/Drew Magnet High School
Shraddha Shirude, Teacher, Garfield High School (Seattle)
Silvia Bettez, Professor, University of North Carolina-Greensboro
Simon Adetona Akindes, Professor, University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Sizi Goyah, Teacher, Brooklyn Center Secondary School
Socorro Orozco, Assistant Professor, California State University-Los Angeles
Sofia Villanas, Faculty Member, Cornell University
Sonia M. Rosen, Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania
Sonia Nieto, Professor Emerita, University of Massachusetts-Amherst; Member, National Academy of Education
Sonia Ramos, Director, University of California-Santa Cruz
Sonja Lanehart, Professor, University of Arizona
Stefanie Marshall, Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Stephanie Storms, Associate Dean, Associate Professor, Fairfield University
Sue Alderson, Professor, University of California-San Diego
Suhaill Nunez, Teacher, Kennewick Education Association
Sumi Cho, Professor, DePaul University College of Law
Susan Faircloth, Professor, Colorado State University
Susan Jurow, Professor, University of Colorado-Boulder
Susan Wilcox, Principal, SEW Consulting
Susana Ibarra Johnson, Specialist, Albuquerque Public Schools
Susannah Livingston, Assistant Director, Global Center for Advanced Studies
Suzanne SooHoo, Professor Emerita, Chapman University
Sybil Lang, Support Staff, Robbinsdale School District
T.J. Jourian, Independent Scholar and Consultant, Trans*Formational Change
Tai-An Miao, Assistant Professor, University of Hawai'i-Mānoa
Talia Rodriguez, Paraeducator, Corona Norco Unified School District
Tara Betts, Faculty, Prison + Neighborhood Arts Project
Tasha Lindo, Teacher, Roosevelt Creative Corridor Business Academy
Tatiane Russo-Tait, Doctoral Student, University of Texas-Austin
Terah Venzant Chambers, Professor, Michigan State University
Terrenda Corisa White, Assistant Professor, University of Colorado-Boulder
Terry Addison, Teacher, Woodland Elementary
Terry K. Flennaugh, Professor, Michigan State University
Terry López Burlingame, Educator, Gilmanton School District
Theresa Montaño, Professor, California State University-Northridge
Thomas Dickerson, Teacher, Lakeville North High School
Tiffany Do, Student Teacher, California State University-Los Angeles
Tina Alcaraz-Andres, Teacher, California Teachers Association
Tol Lau, Teacher, Mission High School
Tonnette Briggs-Polk, Specialist, Northcentral University
Tonyus Chavers, Teacher, Richard R. Green Central Park School
Traci Wilson-Kleekamp, Graduate Student, University of Missouri
Tracy Castro-Gill, Manager, Seattle Public Schools
Tracy Hartman-Bradley, Teacher, Omaha Public Schools
Tracy Lachica Buenavista, Professor, California State University-Northridge
Trisha Gonzales-Waters, Educator, Mount Diablo Unified School District
Tucker Quetone, Chair, National Education Association American Indian Alaska Native Caucus
Tyson EJ Marsh, Associate Professor, University of Washington-Bothell
Ulysses Diaz, Counselor, Waubonsee Community College
Ursula Casanova, Associate Professor Emerita, University of Arizona
Valerie C. Johnson, Associate Professor, Chair, DePaul University
Valerie Kinloch, Dean, University of Pittsburgh
Valerie Shirley, Assistant Professor, Director, University of Arizona
Verónica Vélez, Associate Professor, Western Washington University
Victoria L. Ellis, Retired Educational Support Professional, Minneapolis Public Schools
Vincent Toro, Adjunct Lecturer, Director, Bronx Community College, The Cooper Union
Vonzell Agosto, Associate Professor, University of South Florida
Wayne Au, Acting Dean of Diversity and Equity, University of Washington-Bothell; Editor, Rethinking Schools
Waynele Yu, Instructor, University of Hawai'i-Mānoa
Wenjie Wang, Educator, New Mexico State University
Wesley Boykin, Director, Affective Education
William Howe, President, Multicultural Dimensions
Wilson Timothy Curtis, Retired Teacher, East Granby High School
Xavier Estacio, Teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District
Xian Franzinger Barrett, Teacher, Chicago Public Schools
Xiangquan Yao, Assistant Professor, Pennsylvania State University
Yang Yang, Teacher, Oltman Middle School
Yanick St.Jean, Faculty Member, NorthWest Arkansas Community College
Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz, Associate Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University
Youmna Deiri (Diri-Rieder), Postdoctoral Fellow, Ohio State University
Young Whan Choi, Manager, Oakland Unified School District
Yvonne Turner, Educator, Saint Paul Public Schools
Zandra de Araujo, Associate Professor, University of Missouri

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