Youth In Mission District Scholarship Application
Young adults associated with The Church of the Nazarene may be eligible to apply for this scholarship if their district NYI, NMI, SDMI council(s), and/or office have created a scholarship for Youth In Mission and they meet the following criteria:

1. 18-25 years old
2. Going to a State, Community, Tech, College/University and/or working ("Other-than" Nazarene school students)
3. Reviewed locations, options, cost, and application process.
3. Willing to commit 2 months June-July to missions through COTN on the USA/Canada region.
4. Scholarship Survey Responses complete and Responsibilities agreed to.
5. Completed YiM Interest Form
6. Submit YiM Application ($50 app fee) / (by Dec 15)
Email address *
Name of your Participating USA/Canada District: *
The district scholarship of $1000.00 may be created for one or more individuals (to be determined by the district) that meet the above requirements. Recipients will receive an initial deposited into the YiM account after the make their first fundraising deposit of $500.00 The balance of the scholarship will be deposited once the district selected YiM participants make their final commitment deposit. (Unless otherwise determined by the district)
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Name of local Nazarene church you are a part of: *
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Please describe your current life situation (school? major? work? goals?) *
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1. Why do you want to apply for Youth In Mission? *
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2. To which YiM location would you prefer to go and why? *
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3. Are you willing to commit to YiM even if you do not receive a district scholarship? *
List one Adult Family Member reference and two District references: Pastor (non-family) and a Mentor (Non-Family): *
Name / Relationship to you / Cell / Email
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Create a 1 minute video beginning with your name, church, and why you are applying for YiM and email to: *
(District scholarship application is incomplete without submission of the video)
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After review the applications selection will be decided by consultation with your district leaders and the YIM Coordinator. *
If you are selected do you understand you will have the responsibility of sharing about your YiM experience at two district events to be determined by you and your District leaders? *
Link to begin the YiM Interest Form: *
Once the Interest Form is complete you will be auto-emailed a YiM Application online link. You must submit the application with the $50.00 app fee to be considered for this scholarship. *
ReCap of Scholarship Process: *
You apply for the District scholarship by completing all this application requires. Once funds are transferred to the YiM account those funds are non-refundable. Any deposited and unused District YiM Scholarship funds will be considered to be allocated for district specific participants.
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