Request to Merge Courses
This form is for faculty members who are teaching multiple sections of the same class or a cross-listed class. 

If you submit this form we will merge the sections listed in the form together. You will have a single section from which you can contact all the students in the different sections of your course. This should only be done if you want the students from multiple sections interacting with one another and if the content/topic of the course will be the same for all classes merged.

If you have questions please contact 631-632-9800 (option 2) or for more information. 
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Contact / Account Information
Please provide us with your contact information so may notify you of the status of your request:
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Course Information
In order to for us to merge your course, we need you to provide us with the Course ID#, Name, Section # and semester that the course will take place. If we do not have this information, we will not be able to merge your course roster.
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You can add multiple sections at a time (ex. S01-S99)
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Check yes if your course has two different departments. If your answer is yes, please fill out the next section if your answer is no you can submit the form.
Cross Listing Information
If your class is crosslisted, we need to know. We have no way of knowing unless you tell us. If the title of your Blackboard course does not list the crosslisted information, your students will not be loaded properly into your Blackboard site.
CL: Course Designator/Department
CL: If Other, indicate designator here:
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You can add multiple sections at a time (ex. S01-S99)
Please let us know if there is any special circumstances
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