Donation form for fruit tree owners
Thanks for offering to donate fruit to Feedback's community urban harvesting project! If you have your own fruit tree, you can choose to donate fruit to local community groups and good causes; we can bring our trained volunteers to help harvest this fruit from the tree. If the fruit has already been harvested, we can collect this – or direct you to a nearby drop-off point. If your fruit is already ripe and falling from the tree and need assistance, contact
Name *
What type of fruit tree are you contacting us about? *
We are mainly interested in harvesting apples and pears, but may be able to harvest other fruit.
Tell us about the fruit tree - do you know what time of year the fruit usually becomes ripe? Is it particularly bountiful this year? Is the tree very tall?
Feel free to tell us about anything you think relevant - accessibility issues, variety and flavour. It is all useful information!
Address *
Postcode *
We will keep this information strictly confidential, and will only be shared with our volunteer coordinator on the day.
What is your preferred method of being contacted? *
Email address
We will only email you with details of fruit harvesting and collections.
Phone number
This is only for us to contact you regarding any fruit you may have available from your property - we will not spam this number. Please leave your email address above if you would prefer not to be contacted by phone.
Does the fruit need to be harvested by our volunteers, or has it already been harvested? *
If it is already harvested and you would like to donate to us, we can get in touch with you to collect, or to direct you to the nearest drop off point.
Is the majority of the fruit on the tree accessible without having to climb trees or use ladders? *
We will bring harvesting equipment such as telescopic pickers, this information is useful for us to plan our harvesting days. Please provide more information you think relevant by clicking the "other" option. CLARIFY PROCESS
Do you own a ladder that our volunteers could use to reach higher hanging fruit? *
Are you happy for our volunteers to climb your tree? *
Some of our volunteers are competent climbers. In the event that some of the fruit is high up on the tree, it may be much more efficient for our volunteers to climb the trees. If you are uncomfortable with this for any reason, please just let us know.
It is possible that we may need to store fruit harvested from your tree for 24 hours, so we can collect fruit as efficiently as possible - is this ok? *
In order to collect and distribute the fruit in the most efficient way possible, it would be most helpful if we have the option to store the fruit at your property for up to 24 hours.
What days are preferable to come and harvest the fruit? (select all that apply)
How did you hear about the project? *
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