Student Relief Fund Application
Youth participants in Oakland Kids First programs including REAL HARD, PASS-2, Youth Organizing Council (YOC), or the Knight Time and Knight Success programs at Castlemont can apply for extra support during periods of unexpected hardship. This includes needs that you and your family may have during the Covid-19 crisis and "Shelter in Place" orders and during other times of uncertainty.

Information provided in this form will be reviewed by the Program Manager and the Executive Director. OKF Program staff, school staff or social service teams will be brought in with your permission to offer additional support and resources. Staff will follow up with you by phone or email to discuss your application.

Support available through the Student Relief Fund will range in value depending on the needs of the applicant. The fund can provide different types of support or access to resources such as:

- Stipend money available in the form of a check made out to the student requesting aid

- Gift cards to grocery stores, gas stations or other essential services

- Support navigating and accessing resources to find temporary or long-term lodging if you find yourself homeless or in an unsafe housing situation

- Connections to local resources such as food pantries, SNAP, CalFresh and other social services

- Connections to mental health providers or counselors to process trauma

- A refurbished Macbook laptop for access to distance learning

*Please note: any student receiving over $600 in one year from Oakland Kids First will need to fill out a tax form that asks for your social security number. If you cannot or prefer not to provide this information, our staff can work with you to keep the total amount of stipends, funding, gift cards or support under $600.
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