Diamonds in the Rough *6* Novice Application
Interested in mapping for the SIXTH (!!) run of the Diamonds in the Rough event for novices? We typically have a LOT of demand from new mappers for this event. Participants must have the basic MAPPER role on the Beat Saber Mapping discord. Applicants with five (5) or fewer maps released will be given preference over more experienced "novice" mappers but is not the be all end all deciding factor.
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What is your Discord name? *
example: helencarnate
What is your BeatSaver uploader name? *
What is your role in the Beat Saber Mapping discord? *
What is your time zone? *
How many maps do you have released on BeatSaver? *
Quality is not critical here... no one makes a good first map :-)
What is your current favorite map to play? Link us to Bsaber or BeatSaver *
Why do you want to participate in this event? *
Only 15-20 novices will be accepted and there will be extensive competition for spots. Why should we pick you over other people?
What kind of mapping styles, genres, and tempos are you comfortable with mapping? *
You will be required to create a map with a minimum of three consecutive difficulties. If you hate down-mapping, here's your offramp!
DITR has participants from all over the world. To help us match you up with the best coach for you, please select your preference *
Share up to three links (YouTube, Bandcamp, etc.) to songs you might like to map for this event. *
You can ultimately choose any song in collaboration with your coach but this will help us match you with the best possible coach. Songs *must* be under 300 BPM and it's recommended that they're closer to ~220 BPM or lower based on our available coaches.
To the best of your knowledge, are you able to commit to a two-month process, running from early June to early August? *
Think about your scheduling for this period. If you have intense college classes, finals, work travel, etc. that would make for significant periods of time where you're out of communication with your novice, this might not be the best event for you. Obviously life happens and we can deal with that but please don't take a novice spot if it's likely you'll ghost your coach because that feelsbadman.
Is there anything else you'd like to share with event staff?
By finishing this survey you agree that you meet all of the requirements to participate as a novice. *
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