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1.What is the AFMC Health Hackathon?
It’s a half a day prize competition focused on creating individual or team-based solutions to problems in healthcare. 
An opportunity that fosters innovative thinking and solutions.

2.Who can participate?
Medical students, public health specialist, policy makers, scientists, clinicians, hospital administrators and innovators (including paramedical)

3.Can I make my own team?
You can participate individually or you can make your own team of maximum of 4 members. However, only one member will be able to present the project.
Do I need to bring a team myself, or will I be placed on a team?
You can make your own team or can present individually.

4.What will be team size?
The team will be comprised of maximum of 3-4 members.

5.When is the registration/application deadline?
Monday, Sep 30, 2019

6.What if I have no ideas to bring?
No problem! Listen to others pitch their ideas and join a team.

7.Will the participants be reimbursed for travel?
No. Participants detailed by O/o DGAFMS can claim as per laid down policy.

8.What is the selection procedure?
This Hackathon works in two steps.

First Step is the online registration where participants will register for the Hackathon at AFMC portal on the link AFMC HEALTH HACKATHON 2019 by September 30th, 2019. For any querries/clarification participants can email to Participants will submit their idea proposal through the online portal/email id in prescribed format. 

Second Step will be an offline event (the main Hackathon) where the selected top 10 teams/participants can work on your idea/project between Oct 10th to oct 31st, 2019 with our experts from MEDI VALLEY funded by NITI AAYOG under Atal Innovation Mission of Govt. of India. The experts will help the selected teams/participants to build the prototype if required in real time. The selected ideas will be demonstrated at the HTA Conference on Nov 25th, 2019 at Armed Forces Medical College. Participants’ projects will be evaluated by a panel of the finest professionals from their fields. The participating teams’ ideas, if chosen, will be mentored for productization by MEDI VALLEY with limited funding.

9.What factors will be looked for selection for presentation and award during the National CME on Health Technology Assessment?

The key winning factors looked for the selection and award will be relevance, innovation, originality and design, technical ability as well as clear roadmap for Implementation plan offered. It will also be judged on following factors on 25th Nov 2019 during the National CME on HTA by the esteemed panel of judges.
Innovation: Is there impressive use of cutting-edge technology? Is the hack tackling a new problem? If an existing problem, is the hack approaching it with a significant new idea / technology?
Health Impact: How much better is this than the current standard of care? Does it contribute to patient care improvements in a clear way? How big is the potential benefit to patients if the project was developed?
Model: How does this innovation compete with what is or might be in the market? Will an end-user be attracted to use it?
Presentation: Was the presentation exciting? Is the storytelling visually appealing? Did they use their time wisely?

10.When/where will the shortlisted ideas be announced?
Notification about selected individual or team will be sent to their respective nodal centre and will also be announced by the organisers on email_id of the participant. You may keep a track of all the latest notifications and updates about the event on AFMC Portal.

11.How many mentors are allocated to a single team?
Mentorship will be by experts from MEDI VALLEY funded by NITI AAYOG under the Atal Innovation Mission of Govt. of India.

12.Suggested topics
The list below given below is not exhaustive. Ideas may not be limited to these suggested topics.

S. No.
Broad Problem Areas

Economics and Health Technology Assessment

Battle and Non battle Field Injuries

Aerospace related issues

Aerospace Medicine

Naval Medicine

Medicine Administration Management

Tele Medicine

High Altitude Medicine: Issues and Challenges

Trauma & Emergency Care

Trauma & Emergency Care in War Zone

Operational research in Combat/CI Ops

Injuries associated with Military training

Public Health Policies/Armed Forces related Policies

Use of 3d printing in manufacturing prosthetics

Surveillance Strategies for Disease Prevention

Communicable Disease and Non-Communicable Disease

Advanced Screening techniques for Non-Communicable Disease

Life style diseases

Quality and Patient Safety

IoT for Rural Healthcare

Tools for Medical Devices Tracking & Surveillance

Patient Health Records & Management

Pharmaco-vigilance, drug safety & therapeutic drug monitoring

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