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Job Description
A Texas Multi-Chem (TMC) Sports Field Technician is a full-time position. The job entails serving our many school district, college, university, city, county, youth sports organization customers around Texas by travelling to their sites and performing various tasks related to their grass sports fields.

Typical Job Tasks:

- Perform spray applications on sports fields to control weeds/pests
- Spread granular fertilizer, ryegrass seed, bermudagrass seed, root zone amendments
- Make product deliveries to customers (via truck/trailer and/or box truck)
- Service work: aeration, topdressing, verticut and vacuum
- Ball Field work: infield manicuring, installing infield conditioner, rebuild batters boxes, pitchers mounds, install bases
- Field Renovation/Construction: manual grading, laser grading, turfgrass installation, some irrigation work


- Clean driving, criminal record
- Must be Texas licensed commercial applicator to perform spray apps
- Currently have a Class A CDL or have the ability to get this commercial drivers license in Texas

We offer both individual and family health insurance benefits as well as employer IRA contributions after working with the company for a period of time.

Detailed Description

These tasks include: perform various services like aeration, core cutting, topdressing, verticut and vacuum; other services like baseball/softball infield lip repair, infield manicuring, renovation, installing infield conditioner, rebuilding batters boxes, pitchers mounds, installing bases etc; making product deliveries, applying products like spreading granular fertilizer, rye seed, granular insecticide; making spray applications on sports fields (must be a licensed applicator) to control weeds and pests; work on new field construction projects including laser and manual grading, some turfgrass install, field mowing during grow-in maintenance and more. Almost all of our services involve operating a tractor (with turf tires) loader along with other attachments. For sports field renovation and construction work, operating an excavator or on very rare occasions a large loader or dozer may be required. All our field personnel get their own company dual axle truck (usually automatic but possibly standard/stick shift transmission) and pull 30' to 40' goose neck trailers with a load that typically includes a tractor and equipment. A commercial drivers license (CDL) will be required (certification paid for by TMC).

All TMC field personnel should have some ability to effectively handle and troubleshoot mechanical failures on tractors/trailers/equipment. We travel many miles each year pulling heavy equipment on trailers. Tires wear out and on occasion go flat. TMC field personnel should be able to safely change a truck or trailer tire on the side of the road. We rely on our equipment to work for us in the field. Being able to troubleshoot and perform minor mechanical fixes in the field is an important capability, as well. Many of these basic equipment maintenance fixes are easily taught and learned and would be part of our learning/training period.

Currently we service our customers from our Kerrville and El Campo office/warehouse locations.

This position will perform one or more different types of tasks during a typical week. It could involve service work, making a delivery, unloading a truck from one of our suppliers, and/or working on a construction/renovation job for a day or two.

A typical day performing service work looks like this: load up your truck and trailer with the right products and/or equipment based on the scheduled work, leave the office early enough (often before sunrise) to arrive at the customer site to get the work done based on field availability and the overall day's schedule, perform the work and head back home when the work is done. We always schedule our work around the state with efficiency in mind. For example, we work to schedule multiple jobs together in a general area over the course of a couple days rather than making long trips to do only one or two jobs before heading home. Overnight stays in the field are required on occasion (all expenses paid by TMC, of course). A few times of the year are busier than others and may require several consecutive days/nights out of town.

A typical day making deliveries (for example fertilizer deliveries): use a forklift to organize, pull and move pallets of fertilizer (mostly 50# bags) based on customer orders, shrink wrap pallets, load onto a trailer or into our box truck (being mindful of legal weight carrying capacity), call customers informing them of our arrival time, travel to customer site, unload product and store for customer (in maintenance shed, warehouse, storage room etc), head to the next customer location until delivery run is complete.

A typical construction day building sports fields: load up truck and trailer with proper tools, equipment, safety gear (often, but not always mandatory...hard hat, vest, boots, eye protection, etc), travel to customer site, take orders from TMC Field Supervisor on the day's duties whether it's building new bull pens, installing foul poles, or using a tractor+loader to knock down piles of imported topsoil to "rough in" the material and using our laser grading equipment for precision install, preparing the field for irrigation testing and grass install.

When out in the field, a TMC Field Tech may need to communicate and coordinate with our different TMC salesmen that cover different regions of the state. Coordination might include confirming scheduled service work for customers or communicating information on conditions of sports fields back to a salesman so he can manage the customer's expectations properly. TMC field personnel must be able to clearly and respectfully communicate with customers on-site as well as on the phone from time to time.

Many of our customers are school districts and they require us to have updated criminal background checks on record in order to do business with them each year whether it's simply making a product delivery to their school district or building an entire sports field complex. Because of this, all TMC employees working in the field must have a clean criminal and driving record.

Field Technicians that show the ability to work productively and safely, prove themselves to be very responsible and trustworthy, exhibit the ability to work effectively both supervised and on their own will have the ability to advance and become a Field Supervisor. Supervisors assume responsibility for the successful and efficient completion of service work in the field, help plan work schedules and coordinate personnel and resources for a given work week.

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