USG Informational Budget Fall 2017
This budget is only for the Fall 2017 Academic semester! This form is to be completed only by Presidents and Treasurers!

This budget will be used to help our USG Comptroller accurately budget student fees. Please budget accurately, there is no incentive to "over-budget" as you will not be bound by this budgeted number. This means that if there is something you do not account for in your budget, you will still be able to request it. Note: If your budget varies greatly from the historical fiscal data of your group, you may be contacted by the Comptroller regarding your estimates. Also, note that there have been changes to the funding policies and your student organization should budget accurately to the new funding policy changes.

The Informational Budget is required in order to eligible for USG Funding for the Fall 2017 Semester.

What is the name of your Student Organization? (Full name only, NO abbreviations) *
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Has your Student Organization requested USG Funding in the past? *
Have your organization's President AND Treasurer attended a USG Funding System Workshop? *
How much money do you anticipate spending next semester? (Numbers only, maximum $10,000) *
Please describe the types of items, events, speakers etc. that you plan on spending the money on (Brief description of all anticipated spending required, 200 word max.) *
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