2019–20 Maya Mobile Request Form
The Maya Mobile Program consists of two simultaneous components. The Maya Mobile, a 48-foot truck designed as an archaeological site, travels to schools within Los Angeles County, teaching seventh-grade students about trade and cultural development of the Maya, Aztec and Inka. During the classroom component, students have an opportunity to explore, examine and learn from original works of art from the museum’s Art of the Ancient Americas collection! Using close looking and the rare opportunity for hands-on examination of objects that are hundreds of years old, students will learn how to handle these objects as primary source material. The program is designed to integrate with the seventh-grade curriculum and the state standards for history/social science.

Please fill out this form to apply for the Maya Mobile to visit your school. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and you will be contacted if accepted.

If you have any questions about this process please email Holly Gillette, Education Manager of Mobile Programs at hgillette@lacma.org.

Requester Information
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School Information
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School Contact
This section details who will be coordinating the Maya Mobile at the school listed above. Please provide the best contact who will be available to liaise between LACMA and the school.
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When is the best time for the Maya Mobile to visit?
We try to accommodate requests as best as possible.
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Logistical Needs: Mobile Access to Campus
The mobile is approximately 13 ½ ft high and 9 ft wide. The LACMA truck technician will do a site visit to look at the following aspects of delivery. It is helpful if you can tell us the following before the site visit:
Are local streets that gain access to campus wide? *
If local streets are narrow, are you willing to contact your local parking enforcement to temporarily block off the clearance area needed for delivery of the mobile? *
Is your school’s entry gate at least 14 feet wide? *
Does the entry and location for the mobile have a clearance of at least 15 ft (no tree limbs or power lines hanging below 15 ft)? *
Is the entry and location for the mobile on solid ground? We cannot park or move across grass or dirt. *
Logistical Needs: Classroom Component
During the classroom component, LACMA brings objects from the collection, primary sources, to your school. Because of this new component, schools are required to provide a secure room for the duration of the visit (anywhere from one to four weeks depending on student body size). This room could be an empty classroom, a maker space, etc. Ideally the room will have flat tables and enough chairs/stools for at least 20 students.
Does your school have an empty, secure room that can be dedicated for the LACMA program during the duration of our visit? *
Does this room have flat tables and chairs for at least 20 students? *
Are LACMA staff able to check out a key to this room each day we are on campus? *
Thank you! This program is supported by a grant from the Max H. Gluck Foundation.
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