Sponsoring breakfast
Those wishing to participate in the breakfast dana, please fill in the form below.

Do not hesitate to email arunakitchen@ratanagiri.org.uk if you have any questions.

(N.B. This 'FORM' replaces the earlier system that Mrs Pearl Pinnaduwa has been operating)  

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Date(s) and dedication(s) *
Enter the date(s) and dedication(s) (optional) for which you'd like to sponsor breakfast i.e. one week or several weeks. Example: "20/04/2022 - I would like to dedicate the merit to my family", "30/05/2022 - I would like to dedicate the merit to my sister who passed away last year" (Please note that dedications are usually read out at the beginning of each week.)
Method for making your donation *
You can find details about making an online donation at https://ratanagiri.org.uk/offerings/online-donations. On that page, under "I wish to make a donation towards:", please make sure to select "Sponsored Breakfast". For other payment methods, you can find relevant information at https://ratanagiri.org.uk/offerings/donations-information. You can also contact our office administrator who can advise you at secretary@ratanagiri.org.uk 
Any part of your donation that is not spent on the week for which you wished to sponsor breakfast, will either be used for breakfast at a later date, or for general kitchen expenses. *
The understanding in our monastery is that all monks, nuns, samaneras, anagarikas and lay supporters who are in the monastery partake in the breakfast offering. (N.B. There are variations in what food is offered and who receives what.) *
I would like to be reminded next year about sponsoring breakfast again (optional)
Further clarification
For further clarification of any of the above, feel free to call us on 01661 881 612 or email us at arunakitchen@ratanagiri.org.uk 
Gift Aid
If your donation is eligible for Gift Aid, the Gift Aid amount that we can reclaim on your donation will also be used for breakfast or for general kitchen expenses. If you wish your donation to be Gift Aided then please tick the Gift Aid box on the online donation page, or if you are sending a cheque, then please include a dated and signed "Gift Aid declaration" in your envelope (you can find a print-ready template at giftaid.ratanagiri.org.uk - you are also welcome to handwrite it.)
Privacy Statement *
The information you gave in this form will only be securely stored and used by the Harnham Buddhist Monastery Trust. Please let us know how you'd like us to use your data (we are legally obliged to ask you this):
A Little Bit About Puñña
Whilst it is the practice and the tradition that monks recite an anumodana when they receive offerings, it
is important that this not be construed as a requirement for puñña (merit) to be accrued. The puñña that
is accrued as a result of wholesome intentional efforts made by way of body and mind, does not depend
on the recitation of the anumodana. And the dedication made by the donor is a matter of how the donor
views their offering i.e. it is not necessary for the monks to make an announcement of the dedication.
Having said that we do intend to continue reading out the dedication and reciting the anumodana.

Partly this matter concerns how we understand the Buddha’s teachings. It is also a matter of how the
HMRC defines something as a ‘service’. It should not be understood that the sangha is providing a
service in response to what has been given. The offerings should be seen not as any sort of payment, but
as free-will gifts. The recitation of the anumodana is the sangha announcing that it bears witness to the
wholesomeness that has been generated.

Ajahn Munindo
(Abbot Aruna Ratanagiri Buddhist Monastery)
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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