LPHS Marching Knights Leadership Application 2021
Welcome and thank you for showing an interest in being a part of the Marching Knights Student Leadership Team! We hope you will find the application process to be interesting and enriching regardless of the outcome. If you have any questions about the process or your application please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Kim at any time (jkim@alpinedistrict.org).

Student Leadership Applications are due for the 2021 season by Sunday, March 28, 2021. Your promptness with this is appreciated and noted.

Your candidacy will be judged on the following criteria:

1. Past performance
2. Quality of your application; Includes Service Portion
3. Commitment to the position you're applying for (availability to be here for the dates we are in session)
4. Desire/Ability to work with others
5. Best fit for the individual and organization
6. Interview with Ms. Kim / Members of Marching Staff

When completing the application, be thorough, complete, and honest. Don’t say what you think Ms. Kim/staff want to hear. Say what you really think. Leaders are people who can offer something new and different to the organization. This application process is structured so that you will gain insights into yourself as a person, so please be honest and thorough. You need to open up and show the person you truly are or what you aspire to be. Whether you are chosen to participate in the office you apply for is not the penultimate point. Please do not fill out this application unless you are prepared to participate in the leadership training process and in the marching season.

First Leadership Training this year is Friday, April 16, 2021 from 4pm-9pm (dinner included); Location TBD

Positions available (Potential that not every position is filled and potential for someone to have multiple positions):

Drum Major(s) (Will also have a separate audition including, but not limited to: Musical Aspect, Conducting Aspect, Interview; April 14 from noon-3pm is the Drum Major Audition)
Section Leader(s)
Logistics Team
Secretary Team

Applications due: All applications must be completed and submitted by Sunday, March 28 (11:59pm). Please be prompt and professional with your application. All positions will participate in interviews. Drum major(s) Position will also have an audition/interview process. More on this to come at a later date.

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The next 4 questions, starting with this one are based off of what you read in the previous two images. Question 1 - How do you see yourself contributing to this? (Leadership is Giving and leadership is forgiving) *
Question 2 - How does this relate to you? Your life? *
Question 3 - Are you ready and willing to add these extra responsibilities to your schedule? *
Question 4 - Are you ready to make a positive difference? *
Write down 5 character attributes you see as critical to being a successful leader: Consider the people you follow and what it is about them that garners your loyalty and support. *
Write down 5 character attributes you see as detrimental to the success of a leader. Again consider those who have been in leadership positions and have not achieved their desired results. *
Make a list of 10 goals that serves as the perfect description of your "Dream Group." (A group, team, or ensemble that would be the best thing ever - what would be some goals that would deem your dream group) *
Write a letter stating why you want to be a leader and what you want to contribute to our organization/community via your leadership skills and talents. *
Please understand that if chosen, you will be held to a higher standard of behavior, performance, and work ethic than your peers. You must be willing to make that sacrifice so that others around you may succeed. Serving in this capacity will not only provide others with a better experience, but will provide you with a tremendous growth opportunity that will serve you for years to come. (Please type student name as your signing of agreement to the above statement - we will also have you sign another document after chosen - with your parent’s signature as well). *
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