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[2023 VBS 일정안내]

일시: 7월 8일(토), 오전 9:30 - 오후 3:30
        # VBS 당일, 9시 30분 부터 프로그램이 시작됩니다.
        # 9시 30분 전에 오셔서 등록해주세요.(9시 등록부스 오픈)
장소: 밴쿠버 팔로우교회(구글 Map 검색 가능), 8590 160 St, Surrey, BC V4N 1A7
참여대상: Gr.1 - Gr.6(현재 학년 기준), (선착순 50명)
회비: $15 
회비 납부 E-Transfer:   silvergun87@nate.com 
        # 회비를 납부하시면 등록이 완료됩니다!
        # 회비 환불안내: 등록 후 취소하는 경우 $10 환불, 2주일 전 취소는 환불 불가함을 알려드립니다
       # E-Transfer 할 때 자녀이름을 적어주세요
참여문의: 김은총 전도사(604. 358. 8646)

[밴쿠버 팔로우교회 - The Follow Church 교회소개]
밴쿠버 팔로우교회는 미주 남침례회 교단에 소속된 건강한 교회 입니다.
교회 주소: 8590 160 St, Surrey, BC V4N 1A7
문   의: 김효선 목사(778. 580. 7735)
이메일: connection3927@gmail.com, Kakao ID: khs22h
교회 홈페이지: www.vanfollow.com 

# 제출하신 개인정보는 정해진 목적(2023 VBS) 이외의 용도로는 일체 사용되지 않음을 알려드립니다.
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Parent/Guardian Consent - Please read and sign.(아래의 내용에 동의하셔야 가입이 가능합니다. 가입을 원하시면 아래의 내용을 확인 하신 후 동의 해주시면 됩니다.)  The Follow Church for 2023 VBS. I hereby agree to release The Follow Awana from any and all liability for any losses, injuries, damage or expense that the Child may suffer, incur or experience in connection with the Child’s participation in The Follow Church. I understand that although all activities under The Follow Church will be carefully planned and supervised by trained staff, it is impossible to eliminate all risks inherent in some of the physical activities such as sports or games. I also agree to indemnify and hold harmless The Follow Church. from any and all liabilities, injuries, claims, damages and expenses of any kind that The Follow Church, the Child, other participants, or third parties may suffer, incur or experience as a result of or in connection with the Child’s participation in The Follow Church. In the event of medical emergency where an immediate judgement call must be made or Parent/Legal Guardian or the Emergency Contact cannot be reached, Iauthorize The Follow Church staff to provide the consent for medical assessment, administration of first aid, transportation, and treatment of the Child by a medical professional, and agree to indemnify The Follow Church for any results there of, including but not limited to the cost incurred to treat the Child. Photo Release I hereby authorize The Follow Church to photograph and/or otherwise record images and/or sounds of the Child during his or her participation in The Follow Church and to publish and/or make use of, without compensation to the Child or anyone else, all such photographs and other recordings for the sole purposes of documenting, record-keeping and promoting The Follow Church. Stay Connected I authorize The Follow Church to send me electronic messages regarding The Follow Church.
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