Ferret Emergency Resource Network of CA
Please fill out the form below if you are interested in assisting in ferret rescue in California. Sometimes even the smallest aid can be life saving, so below please elaborate on what you may be able to provide if someone in your area needs assistance. These could include assignments such as picking up, in some cases providing temporary shelter for those in dire straits, transporting short or long distances, providing basic knowledgable care until transport to professionals can be arranged, search parties and various other ways to help care for ferrets in need.  **Veterinary Medical Professionals and those with any medical experience are very important in this building stage,  you will have a special section below**
NO request from FERN or affiliates is obligatory, all we ask is the opportunity to reach out to you if there is an emergency in your vicinity.
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No aliases please, if necessary only abbreviate your last name. For the safety of everyone and animal(s) involved, confirmation of identity in some cases may be requested if you are called to action.
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Do you have experience with ferrets? *
If no, a long time ago, or just love learning, are you willing to speak to one of our professionals to help determine the best route to get you up to speed? *
Do you work or volunteer in any non-medical animal fields? *
How would you be willing to help? *
If you wish to go into detail please use the comments section below.
Comments or elaborations.  Anything you think could be useful, we would be happy to hear your thoughts. *Veterinary/medical knowledge can be added in next section*
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