Social Chair Understanding of Responsibilities
Hello! This form is to make sure that you, as a person planning an event, understands the overview of FIPG Risk Management Policy. This form must be filled out once per semester.

After the completing the contact and organization information, please place your INITIALS under each statement to show that you agree with and are aware of the following.

If you have any questions, please email (Panhellenic) or (IFC)
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Email *
Governing Organization *
What organization are you representing? *
Your Name *
I have read and understand the IFC and Panhellenic Alcohol Policy *
I have read and understand the FIPG Risk Management Inc. Policy *
I have disseminated copies of my national policy to my members *
I will ensure my chapter will abide by my chapter's national policies *
I will ensure my chapter will abide by the Panhellenic and IFC Alcohol Policy and Social Policy *
I will ensure my chapter will abide by the FIPG Risk Management Inc. *
My chapter will not mix with chapters that do not have social privileges, or if we do not have social privileges we will not mix with other groups. *
I will communicate clearly the expectations of social events with other groups we are mixing with. *
I will inform my chapter president and or Panhellenic/IFC of any policy violated by a co-sponsoring party. *
I am fully aware and have informed my chapter of possible sanctions that could occur against my chapter if found in violation of any policy. *
I will not violate any of the above policies in organizing, sponsoring, or participating in any such events. *
My chapter will accept the responsibility of any violation because we are fully aware of policies and will choose to abide by them. *
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