Circus Performance Application- Spring 2024
Note- Please read the Circus Performance Information on the second part of this application.

Tsunami Circus is accepting applications from youth aged 12+.

The due date for this application is Sunday December 3.

Coaches will review the applications by Friday December 15.

Students will be notified by Sunday December 17.

The first practice is Friday January 12. Tsunami Circus will run Fridays from 4:15-8:45 and after spring break we will add practices on Wednesday/Thursday evenings and/or Friday mornings as needed.

The program fee covers Friday classes as well as all the additional training time leading up to the show.  

TENTATIVE and subject to change-  The cost for this program is $700 payable in monthly instalmentsThis fee can be reduced with a work-trade agreement on Friday nights.  A gear fee of $125 and a refundable volunteer deposit of $150 will also be collected.  Details on the payment schedule are below.  Outside funding might be available, and we are open to working with families on an alternate payment schedule- please inquire via email!

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This application is to be completed by the student. 
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Are you planning to register in any other circus classes this term? *
If yes, which class?
I will be available daily before and after school between Monday April 29 and Monday May 13.  I will be available all day on May 3-5 and May 9-12 (May 12 is Mother's Day). *
Circus is a big commitment, both in terms of training, and the teamwork required to make the program and show a success. Are you willing and ready to participate in fundraising/team-building/mentoring/set-up/clean-up/anything else asked of you to help the team thrive? *
Please describe your abilities with props- juggling, diabolo, poi, flower sticks etc.   *
Are you self motivated?  Would you be able to drive your own learning with support along the way?  Can you give an example of another time you've done this? *
Please describe your mindset when asked to work with a team member you don't know. *
Are you willing to do circus 'homework' (training) at home each week between January and May? *
How can the coaches support you and bring out the best in you? *
How will circus add to your life? *

*The show will be comprised of 10-minute segments, with each segment representing a colour of the rainbow.

*Each segment will involve multiple apparatus.

*Between each colour set, clowns will entertain the audience.  

*Performers are encouraged to apply to each apparatus/circus skill area they are interested in, but are not guaranteed to be in all they apply for.

*There are no 'solo' pieces.

*There is no set number of performers for each piece.  For example, if there are 2 silks in a piece, there could be multiple performers using them over the span of the piece.
Please indicate which performance skills you are applying for in this year's show. Choose as many as you like.   *
For each skill you are applying for, please explain what you would bring to that role.  Please start with your most preferred skill.
Skill 1. (most preferred)  What would you bring to the role?
Skill 2.  What would you bring to the role?
Skill 3.  What would you bring to the role?
Skill 4.  What would you bring to the role?
Skill 5.  What would you bring to the role?
Skill 6.  What would you bring to the role?
Please explain what you would bring to the role for each additional skill you are applying for.
Are there any other roles in the show that you would like to participate in?  Please check all that apply: *
Please share any songs ideas.
Is there anything else you'd like us to know?
Circus Performance Information and FAQ
The 2024 program will be focused on the final performance. We are looking for participants who exhibit:
-A positive attitude, a desire to work inclusively as a team with other people. 
-The ability to focus and be self motivated. Circus requires the participants to research, practice and perfect their own learning at their own pace, with support of the coaches.
-A strong willingness to learn new skills- to climb, balance, develop strength and flexibility, to develop your juggling skills.
-Willingness to do all of the disciplines circus offers. All participants will be required to do aerials, props (juggling), and floor/acro. There will also be sessions on other circus disciplines- clowning/acting, dance/choreography, unicycle, and others. 
-A focused dedication: they can prioritize circus over all other extra curricular activities they are in. 
-Ability to use time in circus well, for the duration of the program 
-Ability to commit to the practices and shows, as well as participation in fundraising and community events for the duration of the program. 
-Demonstration of ability to be self-motivated, self-driven, and willingness to try new and possibly challenging activities with perseverance. 
-Ability to follow safety guidelines and protocols. 
-Ability to juggle 3 ball cascade / willingness to master the art of juggling.
-Other experience with sports that blend well with circus (gymnastics, yoga, dance, acro) is an asset. Circus is mostly about a great attitude and commitment. 
-Willingness to work hard despite the challenges of physical discipline, humility, muscle development.
-Willingness to commit to following the P's of circus:

**Please note- photographs and video are taken at every practice, as we document the progression of our skills and the development of our team.  Promotional materials for the show and the program will feature photos of Tsunami team members.  The show will be recorded and made available to the public.  We ask that all members of the Tsunami troupe and coaching team be aware of this prior to registering for the program.**

**When does Circus start and end?**
Circus Performance classes run from Friday January 12 to Friday April 26.    We train on Friday school days but not during the 2 Fridays within SD64 Spring Break. (March 24, 31)

**When will the Circus shows be?**
The Year-End show will be the weekend of May 9-12.
Performers are required to be available daily between Monday April 29 and Monday May 13.

**How much will Circus cost?**

TENTATIVE and subject to change- The program fee for this class is $700 plus an additional $125 fee for team hoodie, shirt and juggling balls.  These fees may be paid all at once or broken into the instalments via post-dated (paper) cheques:
$350- due upon registration- $200 tuition and $150 volunteer deposit
$250- due the first day of class January 20- includes $125 gear fee and $125 tuition
$250- due Feb 17
$125- due March 17

The tuition fee can be reduced via a work-trade agreement.   If you would like to discuss an alternate payment schedule or a work-trade agreement, please email

Financial subsidy may be available for those requiring financial assistance through Kidsport/Jumpstart/A4K (or a combination of these funding programs).  Details on how to apply are available on our website under 'Important Links'. 

In addition, we require at least 10 hours of adult volunteer time per participant throughout the term and an additional 10 hours during the lead-up to the performance. Options for adults volunteering include: fundraising, administration, volunteer coaching/supervising, set-up and cleanup, set building, makeup, hair for shows, costumes, concession, fundraising and administration.

We require every family to provide a minimum of 2 dozen snacks for our concession.

A volunteer deposit fee of $150 will be collected at the start of the term, and will be refunded following the show if all volunteer commitments are met.

**What kind of commitment is required for the after school program?**
Participants will be required to train or cross train at home between practices. This is required to stay in shape and build enough stamina or strength for the show. Participants are required to attend all circus practices. We understand that family vacations, off-island commitments and illness may come up. But these need to be rare occurrences and communicated with appropriate advance notice. During the weeks leading up to the shows, there will be extra practices required which are also mandatory. There will also be circus homework., ranging from research and choreography practice to handstands, juggling and strength building.

As with any sport or physical activity, there are risks, potential injuries and safety considerations. We take safety extremely seriously.  We understand the risks of balancing on a 2 inch piece of webbing, riding a 6 foot high unicycle, throwing around 2 pound juggling clubs, or climbing 20 feet into the air on a piece of stretchy fabric. We require students to demonstrate a graduated series of skills in order to progress to the next level of risk. Fundamentals are taught and progression is only possible when the student can safely do so. Students are required to strictly adhere to rules, and if there is any question of safety, the answer is “no”. We use mats where necessary and have stacks of mats with varying depths of padding. What goes under the apparatus depends on the apparatus and the skill level of the learner. Our focus on safety is orienting the participants at every practice and every show. The best way to keep Circus safe is for each person to know their abilities and limits, and to work within them. This is a big focus of the coaching. Coaches are trained on the apparatus and share the same techniques and boundaries when supporting and coaching. Coaches are aware of their own skill level, and work within their strengths and abilities, while also supporting students to do the same. Coaches work cohesively with one another to orientate themselves and train on the apparatus (usually weekly throughout the year), as well as prioritizing meetings when doing safety reviews or debriefing concerns that come up in practice scenarios. Rigging is routinely checked at every practice, and inspected on a regular basis. We are continually learning and improving the safety of all apparatus. Safety in assisting rigging is a specialty area that students have the option of signing up to learn. Students are not guaranteed to achieve Rigging Assist Status unless they pass rigging and safety practices and tests. They are never the ones to finally check the rigging after it is set up. This is always the responsibility of the coaches.

Thank you!  See you at the Circus!

I have read and understand the FAQ section.  I will share it with my parent(s).  I will ask questions about anything I require clarification on or don't understand.

Please email us with questions.
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