MIT Students Requesting Help from MIT Alums and MIT Community Members
This form is for MIT students who have been affected by COVID-19 to request support (housing, financial, other) from MIT alums and other MIT community members.

UPDATE 03/14/2020: For non-housing needs, please use this new tool to be directly matched to alums making offers to help: -- -- and continue to use this form below for housing needs.

MIT alums (and grad students, post docs, and other community members) have been made aware that MIT is closing undergraduate housing and FSILG housing on Tuesday March 17 ( ). International students and other students who may feel unsafe returning home may request an exception and SHOULD DO SO (by all means, please make official requests for exemption and support here and visit the Institute's official Covid-19 page at ).

UPDATE: MIT is strongly advising all undergraduate students to leave campus by Sunday March 15 -- -- and is providing free storage and reimbursement for some travel expenses.

However, many alums and grad students have expressed an interest in opening their homes to affected students who may not be able to return home for any reason (prohibitive cost of travel, visa issues, family issues etc) or who may need other support (financial, storage, airline miles, or otherwise).

Specifically, most of the graduate student community at Sloan lives off-campus and will be staying in Cambridge until the end of the semester (and some through to the next academic year).

Note that U-Haul is now offering free 30-day storage:

Please complete this form if you need short term accommodation, storage, or other assistance.

If you are an MIT alum (or grad student, post doc, or other community member) who would like to assist these students, please fill out this form:

This form was created by Yolanda Lau '02:

This is a grassroots effort and is not sanctioned by MIT or the MITAA.

If you would like to verify the identity of the form's creator, you may email me (Yolanda Lau) by looking me up in the MIT database or the MIT Alumni database.

The new tool for non-housing related offers/needs is created by alum Mike Short, who can also be found in the MIT database or the MIT Alumni database.

This set of forms is provided for informational purposes only and is not controlled or managed by MIT or the MIT Alumni Association. Because neither MIT nor the MIT Alumni Association vet or make any representations about the suitability of any resources offered through this set of forms, including housing, students are urged to exercise appropriate diligence in deciding whether to match themselves with anyone offering these resources.
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