Resource Sharing for Cultural Professionals and Arts Organisations in India during COVID-19

Thank you for taking the time to give us your input on resource sharing for artists, freelance cultural professionals and arts organisations in India during COVID-19. At ACRI, we aim to monitor the spread and impact of the Coronavirus on the culture sector in India and work with other cultural organisations to gather information, share resources, and advocate for the cultural sector.

Through this form, we are collating a list of resources comprising skill-based learning, industry guidance, funding and job opportunities, sessions on mental health, and so on for the cultural sector in India. This list is specifically designed to serve all types of artists, independent cultural professionals, and arts & cultural organisations. The list will be available on our ACRI website ( in due course.

By resources, we refer to initiatives that fall within any of the following categories - education, funding and grants, job, project, or employment opportunities, and mental health support.

Please submit one form per resource/link/event below.

Arts and Culture Resources India (ACRI), is a space for knowledge exchange, information sharing, networking, and learning for cultural and creative industry professionals in India and South Asia. Visit our website - to learn more about the work that we do and how we're responding to COVID-19 for and on behalf of the Indian cultural sector.

Finally, please fill in all fields. It would help us gather relevant and accurate data about your status and your needs.

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