AG Post Survey 2017
Please use the things you learned in your Steps to Respect lessons to answer the following questions. You need to answer all of the questions. If you aren't sure, make your best guess.
1) Type your first and last name. *
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2) Which of the following is NOT a form of bullying? *
3) Which of these questions does NOT help me decide if someone is bullying? *
4) When refusing bullying you should be *
5) The 3 R's of bullying are Recognize, Refuse, and *
6) Bystanders are _____________________ *
7) Bystanders who are part of the SOLUTION... *
8) Which one is an example of bullying? *
9) Matthew tells his teacher that Justin cut in line. Matthew was: *
10) Julie tells her teacher that Kelly and her friends never let Sally play with them at recess, even though she keeps asking nicely. Julie was: *
11) The 4 W's of reporting a bullying situation include: *
12) Which of the following are examples of Bullying? *
13) Which of the following things help you recognize that Fiona is bullying Kelly? *
14) Bullying is unfair or one-sided. Which of the following things tell you that the way Fiona treats Kelly is one-sided *
15) Check off all the things Elliot needs to remember to do when he reports the bullying to his teacher *
16. Check off all the things Carla needs to remember to do when she refuses Elisa's bullying *
17. Check off all the things Sonja can do as a bystander to help stop the bullying *
18) I know how to make and keep friends. *
I find making and keeping friends very difficult.
I am really good at making and keeping friends.
19) I know the definition of bullying. *
I don't know anything about bullying.
I know the complete definition of bullying.
20) If someone bullied me, I could stand up to them. *
I don't know how to stand up to a bully.
I know the steps to stand up to a bully and am comfortable using them.
21) If I see someone being bullied, as a bystander, I know what to do. *
I don't know what a bystander should do.
I know exactly what I should do as a bystander if I see someone being bullied.
22) The adults at my school help when kids are being bullied. *
The adults never try to help when kids are being bullied.
The adults always try to help when kids are being bullied.
23) I have been bullied by someone at my school. *
24) I have seen someone else get bullied at my school. *
25) I have bullied someone at my school. *
26) Did you attend this school in 3rd grade? *
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