Street Power game test

Join the test of the upcoming Street Power game from BGAMING before its official release!

link: CLICK ME TO TEST THE GAME (or copy the link to a new tab

Here are the requirements for testing:

  1. Play for at least 30 minutes.

  2. Make at least 200 spins.

  3. Write detailed feedback.


1) The BGaming developers will select the top 5 feedback responses to this survey, and we will reward each of them with 30 USDT! So, put your best foot forward!

2) Everyone who tests the game and provides feedback will have a chance to participate in our exciting giveaway. 50 randomly selected winners will share a prize pool of 500 USDT!

Keep in mind that we'll be checking all responses individually, so be sure to provide honest, creative and high-quality feedback to get your well-deserved prize. Your opinion is very important to us, so feel free in your answers and don't be afraid to offend us :)

The results will be announced on June 21st in our Discord community. Subscribe to see the results and new events!

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How often do you play online casino games on real money? *
What are your TOP-3 favorite online casual games (from any provider)? *
What was your impression of the game after 100+ bets
How intuitive was the game interface?
How satisfied were you with the Street Power? *

1 - Very dissatisfied

2 - Somewhat dissatisfied

3 - Neutral

4 - Satisfied

5 - Very satisfied

Design (colors, symbols, and graphics)
Main game gameplay
Theme of the game
Rate the design characters of the game.
5 - Couldn't be better!
4 - Really impressive
3 - Quite satisfying
2 - Needs improvement
1 - Not enjoyable at all
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Was it easy to understand that each character has its volatility and its maximum payout? *
What aspects did you like the most in the Street Power game?
What aspects did you dislike the most in the Street power game?
Was it easy to understand that your maximum payout is directly proportional to the size of your bet?
The larger the bet, the higher the potential payout.
How engaging did you find the game?

Is it easy for you to understand the mathematics of the game? Was it easy to understand how the winnings are formed, etc.?

Choose one option and add some comments in "Other” if necessary.

What was your final balance after testing the game? 
Did you make a profit or a loss?
Would you like to play the Street Power game in an online casino on real money when it's officially released? *
Were there any bugs or glitches during your play session? Please describe any issues you encountered.
What improvements would make you more likely to play this game again in the future?

We'd also love to hear any recommendations or feedback you have about the Street Power game. Please mark the thing(s) we need to drop and the thing(s) we should definitely keep.

Remember, your answers cannot disappoint us and we do appreciate all of your opinions.

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